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What was your worst ever eating day?

Serena A

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Hahaha at the chicken and chips!

My worst day was a couple of years ago, if I remember rightly I had a texmex lunch of ribs, potato skins, corn cob, onion rings and breaded mushrooms. Pringles and choc in the afternoon, then over the course of the evening I had an 800gr lasagne ready meal, 2 tubs of haagen daazs and some more chocolate. I remember feeling annoyed because I had to stop mid-afternoon and wait until I felt less full before I could resume eating again :rolleyes:

Thank goodness those days are behind me now. :)
Two days come to mind. First one was I bought 3 boxes of ten ice creams in Lidl and ate 10 on the bus going home and 20 when I got home.

The second day was just after last Christmas when I ate a whole 5 portion strawberry gateau for breakfast and 12 mince pies for lunch. Cant remember what I ate in the evening.

Pretty bad, eh?! Luckily those occasions to that extent hadn't happened before or since.
I had quite bad eating habits when i was younger although remained slim, I used to have chips nearly everyday for about 2 years for lunch, and I remember one time I had 4 cheese and onion toasties and then threw it up (sick) afterwards!, I also remember having alot of pringles with cheese and chive dip.
Probably last year when I asked my ex for a pack of crisps , he brought round one of the big packs of walker's with about 24 bags in. I ended up eating all of them over 2 days:eek:

I can't be trusted with crisps because I can't resist them and adore savoury , salty food.

I also remember polishing off 2 tubs of pringles and a giant dairy milk on top of dinner once! Pringles have over 1000 calories ,I haven't eaten them since!


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about 10 years ago i used to eat a tube of pringles everyday :p sick!

My worst eating was about 7 years ago - i used to be addicted to kfc, and one day had it for lunch and dinner.

Since then not too bad - apart from the odd big Ben & Jerrys in one sitting!


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my boyfriend and I used to tuck into fried breakfasts every Sunday with 3 eggs, 3 sausages, bacon, toast, beans, halloumi, fried tomatoes and mushrooms all washed down with juice. We then usually went to his parents house for a three course Sunday dinner. Can't really comprehend it now!!
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My worst eating was when I was at uni. I wouldn't eat breakfast (normally I'd be hungover from the nght before so unless I had lectures I wouldn't get up til lunchtime!). If I did eat in the morning it would be a BBQ chicken and cheese panini from uni (soo bad for me!!).

Lunch would usually be at halls and consist of potato waffles with spaghetti hoops/super noodles. I would eat snacks during the day, especially crisps.

Dinner would usually be some ready meal or other, but about 3 times a week I'd get takeaway at some point (lunch or dinner)... usually a LARGE stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. I couldn't eat it all in one go so I'd eat as much as I could, then refrigerate the rest til I could manage it (it would often serve as my lunch and dinner for the following day). Either that or sausage and chips, or chinese.

Gawd, just thinking about it makes me feel ill! And I wondered why I was gaining weight?!?

Then, in the evening, we'd go out most nights and I would drink a LOT. At the beginning I'd drink lots of sugary alcopops, then I discovered the joys of vodka and diet coke and also white wine... add that to all the food and that's a LOT... I worked out some nights I'd drink between 10-15 units, easily.

Glad to say, those times are far behind me now and I think hard before eating anything to make sure I'm eating for the right reasons and making the right choices!



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wow, ur story sounds a little like my story exept i dont drink lol.

yeah i know what u mean, its so easy to gain weight at uni, you just eat and eat ... and theres no structure to your eating - mum does not call you at certain times, you eat when you wanna.

i must have gained half a stone at least so far in uni, but ive seen the effects if i continue so i decided to stop.

yeah going out is the biggest problem, because you have to eat whats there. so i go out less now, becaus i dont wanna start drinking ever and now i just stay at home most days.

and i am very impressed with your progress, well done.

its not about loosing the weight, its about mantaining it. and that worries me.


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Hmmm dare I write this up? I have suffered from anorexia and bulimia in the past and also compulsive eating...so a binge could be a loaf of bread with butter and jam/peanut butter, a bar of choc, a litre of pop, nuts, crisps, icecream...obviously I didn't keep this all down and didn't down it all at once, so purged and then would eat more of the same...my worst eating day would be any normal person's living nightmare!


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Nex, I was a binge eater too, and could stuff down chocolate, cake and sweet stuff until my stomach ached and I loathed myself so much I could cry. In the end I was bingeing on anything high fat/high carb, as long as it was bad for you it was fair game. I'd even mix up butter & icing sugar & eat it right from the bowl... and always in secret.
Since Xmas I have been working on my binge-eat issues and making progress... no more binges to date. But I don't know if I will ever be free of this problem, and suspect there will always be trigger foods, but it's a challenge I am up for, and I know I can never let myself fall into that dark place again.
So... thanks for being honest, it allowed me to be, too.


Carpe diem, baby!
S: 11st0lb C: 9st4lb BMI: 21.6 Loss: 1st10lb(15.58%)
So... thanks for being honest, it allowed me to be, too.
No worries, I've lived with it since I was 16/17 and although now and for the last few years (four or so) it has been calm and controlled, stress, sadness, any intense emotions, even tiredness and certain foods do still trigger me...it's hard to explain to someone who hasn't binged in the way I have, that even a taste of certain things sends me reeling and bam...the out of control thing is there again...but now I step back and think and do damage control, eat something healthy first and if I am still feeling I MUST eat the whatever then I eat it in the moment, slowly and with thought and attention...I feel sad/tired/stressed and I want this chocolate...I eat it very slowly and taste by taste re-assess my emotions...I don't end up bingeing then...it's the whole stuffing, very hurriedly that spirals the situation...not even tasting or liking the food that is being swallowed...just want the endorphin rush...yikes!

I can identify with the secret eating and the sneaking off to do it...it is the shame, you know it is bad for you, but you still do it and doing it in secret somehow makes it feel easier, but in the long run secret eating is a hard habit to break and of course is dangerous psychologically, etc...and the things I have made on the spot to fix my fix...agh! Yes the mixing up batches of icing and the like, all too familiar...:eek:


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It's great to know that you have that level of control, though, and I have read very carefully what you say about 'eating in the moment' and with thought & attention. I think these are the things that will make a difference for me.

Two and a half months since last binge... doesn't sound much, but is the longest time I have ever gone without doing this for more years than I can remember. I have eaten things I shouldn't have, but not much, and these haven't led to loss of control. And yes, emotional triggers and food triggers, both are very real for me. I think by admitting to it and trying to work on it, I have made some kind of step forward. It had to stop, it was a kind of self-harm, and though it probably evolved as a tactic to help me feel better, it very fast became another way to make sure I stayed sad/bad/hating myself.

Thanks for a post that has really helped me Nex... and seeing how far you have come and how strong you are now is inspiring. I can't see me as the sporty type, but there is a strength in me to beat this and I feel very positive about it, though I know somehow that the battle will always be going on at some level. Still, better to accept that and be up for it, and I am.

Feel I have learned something here, so hugs for that.

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