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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Jo1989, 17 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    Right.. I'm aware we spend lots of time on here criticising our bodies (or I certainly do!) so thought itd be nice to focus on what we love and make this diet experience a positive one from the beginning as we're already some of the way there with our gorgeous body parts!

    Every single one of us has AT LEAST one beautiful feature we should love!

    Mine is my lovely long legs (I'm over 5ft 10). They obviously look long all the time, but when I'm slimmer somehow they look even longer so I'm visualing my lovely long legs all slim as a motivator!
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  3. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    At 5'2" I so do not have long legs and envy all of you who do. In fact I have inordinately short legs (was fitted for a road bike so it's official). But other than that I'm quite well proportioned. Even slimmer I'm still curvy and I have an itty bitty waist (who knew!) I'm a little under a stone from goal and my waist is currently at 26.5 inches!
  4. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    That's so great you've retained your curves! Shows that there's a great balance between being slim and also having a really feminine body. You'll always know and love your waist now!
  5. brighton_chick

    brighton_chick Full Member

    Unfortunately I'm also short so don't have long legs and wouldn't have a clue what I looked like slimmer- I think I came out the womb clutching a big Mac :( I do like my boobies though- they're quite big and perky without being too big and perky, and have got me a lot of free drinks over the years lol! Now my tummy's a bit smaller its made them stand out more so I'm happy :)
  6. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    I have skinny wrists. Bizarre I know, but true...

    And I really like my eye lashes! Never used eye lash curlers in my life :)
  7. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    You're sounding gorgeous ladies! So important that we don't write ourselves off as 'fat' and remember we're all lovely.

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