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What/when do you eat before working out


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Tough workouts need energy and i find it very difficult to workout on an empty stomach, but also find it uncomfortable working out after i have eaten

So would be very interested in hearing what you eat to keep you going.

So far, I have found a small bowl of homemade soup seems to be working as dont feel bloated - good job i dont do early morning workouts lol
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anything but a slice of cake :( makes you feel very sick booooo


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But don't you feel bloated or full?
I have eaten things like a small ham salad not even filling a side plate, or a sandwich about an hour before and I still seem to feel it in my belly and it really affects how I feel when working out
I keep telling myself to have something mid afternoon to see me thru but work is so busy that before I know it it's time to leave to get home to snack, walk dog and workout
I think it's just me lol


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im dairy sensitive so i feel very ill too :(
My favourite exercise is swimming and although it's recommended to wait an hour after eating, I find that's not long enough and I can't swim properly. If I swim before meals I find I'm hungry and that's difficult too.

There seems to be a very narrow band of time between meals that exercise is comfortable to do. Does anyone else swim and if so when do you do it?

I eat something about an hour or so before I do my workout at the gym, enough time for the food to go down and to give me a boost of energy :) Last time I think I had some dry toast and half a tin of spaghetti hoops lol

When I go swimming, it's usually in the afternoon, so I have breakfast, usually fruit and then have dinner when I get home after swimming :)
from things i have read its not just about the hour or so before, for best results its about what you eat the night before. I honestly dont know that much but reading on some websites has proved interesting.
There is some evidence that you can help teach your body to burn more fat by not eating before exercise (study by Hespel at Leuven uni) even if you only do this once a week.

Personally a banana is good for me - potassium for my nervous sytem and carbs for energy plus trypofan to keep me chilled.


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Will have to have a play on google
I prefer to work out on an empty stomach but it's too exhausting!
I hate bananas :( there must be another food that gives you enough va va voom I know one of the girls at class has an energy drink, not sure if that's good for you when doing a high ballistic workout


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i do sometimes bring a small bag of grapes or nuts with me, and snack on them in the class (obviously when theres a mini break) but it keeps me going :)
You could have chocolate. Make it the dark stuff, packed with tyramine and phenylethylamine which give you a boost. not too much though...

Yoghurt has magnesium - produces enzymes to metabalises your system esp good if its weights based training.

Almonds - just a few but these bad boys are high in mono fats (omega 3/6) again tho just a few.

Lentils - great all rounder, you only need a small portion but has it all.

So there you have it - the person who brings us chocolate laced with almonds and lentil and covered in yoghurt is on a winner.


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ive found a yoghurt is rather good to have before a workout too, not too filling but just enough :)


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Martin you said the magic word chocolate :) lol
Will give the yogurt a try, sprinkled with some dark chocolate mmmmm actually want some of that now!

I found some homemade soup in freezer squash, carrot, suede base and had a bowl before I worked out and it wasn't too bad, but i know its not giving me the nutrition I was after


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mmm that sounds so nice kron, yoghurt and chocolate! heaven *dribbles*

another one i found out today, kiwi's. had 4 for my breakfast and i was able to keep my energy levels up to do a combat class, and make my weights in pump feel light, they gave me alot of energy :) still dont feel tired yet, i have loads more energy from the kiwi's


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I had weetabix for breakfast, got the housework done then stuck muller coconut yogurt in a slush mug and put it on the side with a bowl of defrosting strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and went and did a couple of kb workouts. When I finished I put the frozen yogurt with the now defrosted berries, crumbled a mini meringue and it felt like I was eating an ice cream sundae it was so yummy
Need to get a bit more planning and get it ready for before I do the workout lol
I never liked kiwis, but that was because of all the seeds, and years ago, so will get one and try it, tastes change, and since doing sw I do eat food I would turn my nose up at before I.e. Fruit and veg :)
Kiwi fruit - like bananas got potassium and alpha-linoelic acid so top drawer for nutrients. mind you they have plenty fibre and for some people before exercise they might need to be careful....


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heehee I did have some beans on toast before class once - not the best choice lol

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