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What will you be doing with your fat clothes ?


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Hi peeps
I was just wondering what you were doing with your fat clothes? If like me you have every size from 10 to 18 in your wardrobe :sigh: and I have been working my way up and down the sizes for 2 years :cry: well enough is enough this time around as they grow baggy they are off to the charity shop!! so if I feel myself getting larger I will cut down instead of finding something larger :8855:eek:h and no more elastic waistbands for me you grow without knowing ;) any more tips ??
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I'm planning on selling mine on ebay if they're in good enough condition. Quite a few items will just be going in recycling as I've been putting off buying anything new until I lose weight.


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Funny you should say that, spent yesterday trying everything on and putting aside into a suitcase, some of it to charity(as in the "what was I thinking buying and wearing THAT" stuff )
none of it is worth selling on eBay, well except a dodgy looking cirque de soleil t shirt

then I found a bag of skinny-er clothes in the loft, so I tried them all on again & refilled my wardrobe

phew !
Then this morning, I found another binliner of smaller clothes this morning

Good job feet don't shrink


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S: 15st5.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st0.0lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 0st11lb(5.12%)
Well my fat jeans developed a hole today so I had to rummage in my wardrobe for another pair of fat jeans lol managed to find a pair that did not fit last week but did today !!! yipee !! trouble is you feel skinny when your jeans go baggy now I feel fat again lol xx


this is SPARTA!
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Lol. Last time I sold a few things on eBay, gave the rest to my sister in law and charity shop-ped the rest. It was so much fun!

And magggie...feet do shrink! 4stones lighter and I dropped a shoe size! Mind you, Ive put most of the weight back on and I havent gone back up...odd!


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i'm turning my size 18 skirt (my biggest item of bottom clothing) into a hand bag. kind of a reminder.....

i bought it and it still has the tags on


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I lost weight a few years ago and went from a 16 to a 12/14, and when I got to a 12 I gave all my 16's to the charity shop.

Then I crept back into a 14, then last year I was quite poorly and having been laid up after an operation I'd crept back up to a 16 again and had to buy clothes for work O_O.. (and I'm also annoyed that at that point, so despondent was I, that I gave away all my size 12's to the charity shop cos I couldn't see me wearing them again, guess what size I am now lol)

So I'm quite reluctant to get rid this time, even though I am bloody determined never to wear them again. I have put them all in a big box and I'm going to store them for the time being.

Any 'good' stuff, e.g Per Una or other M&S stuff , I'm pondering putting on ebay.
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Still wearing most of mine...

But as for the rest, the good/unusual stuff gets ebayed, the rest to charity shop.


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Feet definitely shrink, gone from a 5 to a 4...............as well as a 24 to a 10 - and most of my bigger clothes have gone to charity shops, a few bits have been given to people who asked for certain things, but have only kept a couple of the really big stuff - just for "sentimental" purposes, never to be worn again!


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I lost 3 stone a couple of years ago for my wedding and sold a lot of my good size 16's and 18s on Ebay. OH said to me I shouldn't have sold them just in case - he jinxed me by saying that because not only did I put back on my weight but almost 2 stone more!!!

Currently a size 18 at the moment but none of my clothes I have will prbably make it on to Ebay as I some of them are rubbish but I am now a bit handy with a sewing machine now so hoping to alter them as I lose weight. (At least thats the plan....lol)
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hum not sure i've never been in this position before! i have a pair of size 16 jeans (okay they are a very big 16) but i wore them thursday and they just kept falling down!

usually i very throw any clothes away but i think im going to get rid - chairty shops mainly as i dont want the option of expanding again.

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