What will you do when you get to goal


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I'm going to start running again, and cycling & swimming. Haven't been able to do those things since before DD2 was born due to SPD, but being a lard tub hasn't helped either!!

I'm also going to wear shorts, wear sleeveless tops, wear a swimsuit on the beach, go on one of those harnessed trampolines, oh the list is endless!


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Like you, I want to go riding. I used to love it when I was younger/thinner but now if I went near a horse someone would call the rspca!

Apart from that a long beach holiday with a suitcase containing little more than bikinis and sun lotion. Cannot wait!


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Faint with shock ;)



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Im going to go to amusement parks with the kids and actually go on rides rather than just standing watching while everyone else enjoys themselves.


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mince around in next to nothing hahaha!


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Im going to wear all the things i want to wear and not think "oh god, its maybe a bit short or revealing for my figure"...im not gonna worry when on theme park rides that my fat ass will break the ride haha, im gonna go swimming in a bikini....and im also going to order a diet coke with my meal and not have that look of "who r u tryin to kid" (thats probably paranoia haha) xx

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I am going to go horse riding. And I want to go on one of those treetop adventure course things but there is a weight limit so I cant go yet.

Then I'm going to book a holiday somewhere abroad, right now I wont go because 1. I'm worried I wont fit in the plane seats and 2. because I think I'll be miserable coz I'll be all hot and stuff.

And when I get to my goal weight I am going to take my lip piercings out! Oh and get an 'at goal' tattoo. :D


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This is a good post.

I'm going to enjoy looking healthy and not worrying about overhang, picking clothes to wear because I like them not because they'll cover me up.

Sitting on rides, busses and playing in the soft play areas without worrying about being too big


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will proberly scream the house down if i ever get there :(
going to treat myself to a new phone when i have maintained for at least 6 weeks ;)

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What a great thread :D

If I reach target by June I can't wait to go back to Cornwall! Last year I went with some friends and I felt so uncomfortable the whole time! Going out for dinner I was too big for my dress, We went shopping and all the little boutiques had no clothes that would fit me, I couldn't wear shorts because my cellulite was lower down my legs than usual, couldn't even think about sun bathing or going in the sea!! Disaster basically!!

Can't wait to reach target and fit in to my old clothes again!! :eek: xx


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Lol nuttymeg im with you on that one too! I dont generally have problems with dating....and my weight doesnt seem to put people off, but it puts me off argh....so heres to turning up on a date in a slinky dress haha xxx