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What wine brands can be consumed?

Any drink would delay it I would think and if you are in ketosis or on the way to ketosis you could end up very poorly drinking on such low cals and carbs.


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I really wouldn't go for wine and just packs, you could end up really ill - it is just not a good combination. Even if you went for something like Vodka & diet coke - alcohol and vlcd without any extra food is really a no no.
So it's paddys night tonight and i would like to drink, but don't want to drink anything 'hard' like vodka. What brands of wine can i drink and how much? only on day three and not in ketosis yet but don't want to delay it.
Hi amyelliex, i have drank wine on a vlcd on a few occasions, the result being i get kicked out of ketosis, i have to say i feel fine but it is dangerous and i always feel i need to eat. I'am also going out 2nt and i will have a couple of vodka and diet cokes but i'am sure it won't be worth it!
I have had wine on this diet (had a glass or two on three different days last week). I have been fine, although loss did slow for the week (i lost 5.5lb over a two week period).

I felt that it did go right to my head and wouldn't have chanced anymore than that as I know it can de dangerous.

I went for white wine, as i thought that Rose would have too much sugar in it.
I had to have some on Friday night, as it was the wine tasting for my wedding - I had about the equivilant of 9 mouthfuls of wine (sipped each time, but a few sips of each 'flavour') and I was *so* so so drunk. I was literally lying on the floor laughing and made a right fool of myself (thank goodness it was just me, the OH, my brother and sister in law!! :eek:).
Its really not worth it imho - it was tuesday before I felt anywhere near human again, talk about KILLER hangover!! (especially without a bacon sandwich to help it out). And also, had I been in my own house (and knew where the food was) I probably would have eaten my own body weight in anything really, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, cheese, salami, toast - whatever I could have gotten my hands on.
Sooooooo not worth it!! :cry:

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