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What would you do?

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I started at a new class 3 weeks ago, the first week there was a fill in consultant and the second week I couldn't stay so I don't know how her class usually goes until yesterday when I stayed for Image Therapy. One of the other ladies 3yr old child was running around like an idiot! Screaming, crying and generally making a nuisence of himself and his mother was making no effort to keep him quiet. He had no toys or colouring books so he was obviously bored but it was so disruptive that I can't sit through that again.
Thing is since I've only been there 3 weeks I don't feel like I could say anything. The lady probably can't find anyone to watch him which means if he can't come along she can't come along and who are we to say she can't come to the group? Saying that I think my consultant has a duty to the other slimmers.
What would you do???
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oh I've no patience, I know exactly what I'd do. But, then, I don't mind being unpopular, either ;-) lol


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maybe have a quiet word at the end of class with the consultant and then maybe she can make a few suggestions to the lady with regard to bringing in some activities for the child. Good luck.


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I personally would be a bit hesitant to say anything yet as it may be a one off, if i went to the group again and the same thing happened then i would have a quiet word with the consultant as you dont pay to listen to a child screaming!!

We have some children at our group but they are generally well behaved! xx
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I hope it's not a regular thing, she made no effort to do anything to stop him doing anything! He climbs all over the chairs and desks and screams 'Mum, mum MUM!' and all she does is sit there! I can't really understand why she thinks this acceptable but I think I'll sit and wait, see how often this happens before I say anything.


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I have to wonder what sort of person would take their child to a sw class with no kind of activity for them to do whilst class is on. My two were at school when I used to go to class and I never stayed during school holidays, not because they misbehaved, but purely because I didn't think it was fair on them.
Our consultant welcomed children as long as you brought along books etc, for them to keep occupied and they kept quiet a majority of the time and they sat at a table provided for them at the side of the room.
I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to put up with my children causing mayhem at a class, equally I wouldn't put up with anyone else's misbehaving. Why don't you keep an ear open next time and see if anyone else has pick up on this, and as mentioned have a quiet word with your consultant, after all you pay your subs to listen and lose weight, not leave with a headache
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i'd have it straight out my five year old comes with me but he's quiet and doesn't budge from his chair. That would drive me nuts and as you say its not what you pay for :( if the child can't be quiet she should remove him.


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That hacks me right off. Women at mine bring their kids AND THEY ARE STUFFING THEMSELVES WITH CHOCOLATE!!!!!
I agree with the others, maybe see if it happens again, and then have a word with the consultant if it does. I took my 3 yr old last week, I can usually leave him home with his dad but he was out so I just got weighed and left, I know he probobly wouldn't sit quiet for that length of time even with books toys etc, so it wouldn't have been fair on him or the other members to stay.
I did go to a WW meeting a few times with him when he was about 2, I took him snacks and toys etc but I found I spent so much time trying to keep him quiet and occupied I couldn't take much notice of what was being said in the meeting.
The reason I left was that although he was really good, there were a few other mums with kids that sound just like the one you described, the kids were making noise and the mums didn't do anything about it, I know that people were annoyed and a couple of times the leader made a point of asking if children could be taken out to calm down for a minute if they got too noisy, but each time I walked in even though my child was well behaved I felt like some of the other members were tutting, and thinking oh no heres another one with a kid, because they knew some kids were a problem at the group but never seemed to remember which ones.
That meeting was a morning one so I had no choice but to take him, now I would only go to one where I can leave him at home or last like week, if I have to take him I just weigh and go. (which isn't often)
I think its really rude just to sit there and spoil the meeting for everyone and not even make any attempt to stop the child bugging everyone.
If it does happen on a regular basis, I'm sure other members may say someting to the C soon anyway.
Good luck next week, and I hope you don't have to put up with that again!


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I personally do not think it is the right place to take a child but not everyone is blessed that they have someone able to look after their child whilst they go to a class. Not everyone can go whilst their children are at school, some people work during school hours. I do think that consultants should make it clear that if you do bring your children with you then it is up to you as a parent to ensure that you children have sufficient to occupy their time.
Believe it or not I once witnessed at a slimming club the person on scales duty munching their way through a box...not a bag...of malteesers :eek:
Crikey!! That's a bit harsh!! Bet they weren't all too popular! Or mauled!!! I know the evening after weigh in "doesn't count" so I'd be after one if that was me!


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We have a couple of mums with small children in the group and if they make a fuss they take them out.

Our C has a table off to one side away from the group that has colouring sheets and crayons to keep them entertained and to give them their dues I barely hear a peep out of them during class.

Might be something worth suggesting to your C if she doesn't want to ask them to leave.
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It's the same up and down the country, people take their children places that are really only for adults without anything to keep them entertained!
It does my head in when people take kids then let them run riot...but then there are the adults who talk all the way through class to their friends....thats worse sometimes!

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