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whats for dinner tonight?


Slow but sure....
I'm on a RED day today, so I am having....

Wafer thin ham, hard boiled eggs and salad, with home made VLF natural yoghurt, sliced banana and honey drizzled over.....lovely. X
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Love these threads!

I'm having bacon, eggs, SW chips and tomatoes - yummy! I think I'll use my B choice for 2 slices of small bread to make chip butties.

What diet???!!!
I am having stir fried pork with a salad after beating myself up on Wii Active! lol
Extra Easy fish pie from new book, looks delish not sure mine will look so good but looking forward to it anyway. x
Red Day

Birds Eye Simply, Salmon in a Lemon & Herb Butter Sauce (those things in a bag that you cook in the oven - you may have seen them advertised?), 100g pasta (1 HEX B), stir fry veggies.
I am having half of a weight watchers pizza - 10 syns (will be heaven because have not had any pizza in nearly 6 weeks, and it is my absolute fav food of all time!!) with red onion, ham, mushrooms, green peppers and mixed herbs all added on!! with slimming world chips and beans! can't wait. Oh yeah forgot to add I am on EE day today!!
Im having steamed cod,butternut squash wedges,steamed carrots and salad with a bowl of fruit salad and some 0% total yogurt on it :)
I don't know what to have today!
Sausage, Eggs, beans and chips sounds good though dimrie. mmm
oh no my stomach is rumbling but it's weigh in tnyt so gotta not eat!
if i've done well i might treat myself to a freddo frog and feed my chocolate cravings!


I was having a kedgeree as I havent had one in ages but totally forgot that you cook it in milk and didn't save a hexA!! d'oh!!
So, now I have no idea what to have and will be looking to you all for some inspiration!!!


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I'm on EE and we're having chilli made with steak mince/ kidney beans and rice. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

How much was the book Graciemai please?
I just cut it in half,scoop out the middle then cut it into thick wedges,spray with frylight and put in oven for approx 35mins. I leave the skin on cos it is so hard to peel and it tastes nice when cooked :)


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im doing green today and im having stew but i only have the vegetables,gravy and then do some mash so only have to count the cornflour i leave all the meat for my husband lol,then ive made a rice pudding and its delicious sitting in oven ready to serve

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