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Whats for Sunday dinner?


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Well as its Sunday we usually have an EE Sunday roast, however as the weather is gorgeous today I'm preparing Chicken Tikka kebabs and salad. Oooohhh so excited for this, yummy!! Dinner will be alfresco this evening :)

Whats everyone else having? (Truthfully, I'm wondering so I can steal ideas for future Sundays lol ;) )

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Im having a roasted vegetable lasagne today. Yum yum!


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The weather is pants here again today in Scotland, grey and cold - summertime .. what summertime! Looks like rain too - again!

Today we are having a lovely steak dinner :D but first off to the gym to make room for it :rolleyes:
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The weather is pants here again today in Scotland, grey and cold - summertime .. what summertime! Looks like rain too - again!

Today we are having a lovely steak dinner :D but first off to the gym to make room for it :rolleyes:
Whereabouts in Scotland are you? I go to university in Scotland and miss it like mad now I'm back home down south for summer holidays :(

I will probably have something based around fish as part of my fishy week. Maybe some cod and SW chips and vegetables :)

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Roast chicken. We are being dead naughty today because we haven't had a decent roast in ages, so we will be having roast potatoes, bread sauce, stuffing and gravy!

Best get on my exercise bike to make up for it!!
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im breaking myself in grently after deciding to go back on sw, so been good over the weekend, but i fancy doing a sunday chicken roast today and, i offically start sw tomorrow, already check the bargin section on here, and im glad the muller light and strawberry and rasberrys are all £1 !!!!! oh yes
will be going on a very lengthy walk with the o/h and doggies


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Will be thin god dammit!!
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Sunday rost with chicken for me - SW style roasties so i will only have to syn the gravy and yorkshire pud if i have one...........
The rest of my family are then having sticky toffee pudding but i will be having strawberries!
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smoked haddock new potatoes and peas for me today with a big helping of rasberries & ff greek yoghurt mixed with white choc options (2 syns of heaven tastes like cream :D)....... could kill for a chicken dinner tho but my oh is off chicken at the mo :sigh: I think that definately has to be on next weeks menu....he can have summat else!


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oooh we are having :-

Lean roast lamb, 1/2 home made 8" yorkshire pud, steamed swede, carrots, cauli and green beans and a drop of gravy - -6syns in total ooooh and mint sauce :drool:
*is it dinner time yet?* :p -ok I will wait until 6pm when hubby gets in :D


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sunday roast chicken for me and mine, i made some leek and potato soup so will have it to start all syn free except the butter on the spuds !!!! my bigest downfall,! and muller light and fruit for afters :)


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Roast beef, frylighted roast potatoes, lots of vegetables, 2x aunt bessie yorkshire puds and gravy


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I'm off to my Mum's for Sunday lunch and with my step dads cooking I reckon all my 15 syns will be in that one meal today :eek: but everything else I've planned for today is free/HEX so should be ok :D


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Am thinking chicken fajitas but it will use up all my syns... unless I have just 1 tortilla wrap and lots of filling


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Beef lasagna for me tonight with a load of veg and strawberries for afters xx


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just had a brown rice and lentil salad with free salad veg ,
for dinner will prob have 85gm ham with SW chips and a poached egg

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