whats going on here?


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S: 19st13lb C: 15st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(21.51%)
This morning I came downstairs in my jimjams and the top part is hanging like a bag of poop!!
I still look the same but some of my clothes are starting to hang a bit weird.
Last week I threw a shirt out cos it was all saggy, it had paint on it so i wasnt too bothered.Today Ive chucked a top and a pair of trousers that have been in my cupboard for over a year with a busted zip(never gonna fix em).
I then had to change my top cos you can see my bra cos it is hanging.
This weight loss is gonna cost me a damn fortune!!
I found out the other day that I can get my bracelet off without undoing it !!!!
...Can you tell that I am secretly absolutely bloody loving this SW thing :banana dancer::banana dancer:
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taking one day at a time
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well done you what a brill feeling x


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It's great! Lol last week I had to make a new hole in my favourite belt as I had gone through all the holes! I was annoyed at having to do it to as the belt was quite new but absolutely loving the fact that it meant I had lost even more weight! :-D Yey for us! Lolxxxx


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S: 31st11.5lb C: 31st4.5lb G: 14st11lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 0st7lb(1.57%)
Thats brill hun but remember any decent clothes you are too small for don't chuck em stick em on the exchange thread :) x