Whats it like being fat???

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  1. Neil&Ash

    Neil&Ash Member

    Hi gang just been thinking What its truly like being fat?and just saying bloody terrible is a bit of an understatment lol.I am over 20 stones So here is my ten pence worth what its like being fat and what im sick off.feel free to add to my rant.

    when you put your socks on you feel like your head is gonna come off.
    Sick of sweating buckets in the summer and being worried incase i stink of sweat.
    Hate hunting all over for clothes only to find that the only thing that will fit you is a three man dome tent.
    sick of feeling like the fattest guy in the room.
    i really hate it when my legs rub together so much my legs get sore.
    even going to a theme parks a nightmare because you think" can my backside fit in that chair or will the bar come all the way down.
    if you go to a takeaway(yes its naughty) and you order something for the entire family you wonder if the guy/girl serving you is thinking"is it all for him?"
    sick of having no confidence?

    And the list goes on and on.And that why i thought when people say i bet its not nice being big or i hate being big just does not cut it really does it?? thanks for listening,and like i said feel free to jump in.
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  3. totty

    totty Personal Trainer

    i know its a serious rant..but mate...when i read that statement i laughed so hard i had to take my glasses off and wipe the tears away :giggle:

    you know what...this also made me chuckle (i dont get annoyed....it gives you wrinkles :D).....i went into mcdonalds a few weeks ago.....and ordered my usual...McChicken sandwich meal....and the skinny bit on the counter said

    "what drink with that"
    i replied "coke please"
    she said "is that diet?"

    cheeky b*tch!!! i had to laugh at her face though when i replied "do i look like i need to diet?!?"

    she didnt know what to say or where to look!!

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  4. charliegirl

    charliegirl Silver Member

    I have to agree, I hate getting in the bath and trying to scrub my feet its does feel like your head is going to blow. I also suffered awful sweating in the summer and work with a load of skinny minnies who wanted the heating on full blast at work. So I was given a fan which made me feel really self concious. They make comments that I am having hot flushes due to the menopause (I am not menopausal). When on holiday I sweated so much my friend thought I was wetting my pants it was so horrible. I also feel if I laugh and joke with a bloke (like I always used to do) they will be thinking god desperate fat woman etc. I get a decision on tuesday to see if I can have bypass or banding I pray I get a yes because I want my life back....xx
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  5. xowee-shortieox

    xowee-shortieox Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!

    What A Good Topic Though!
    Being Fat Is Horrible!!
    I hate even standing inline to get takeaway cause you think everyone is judging you!
    I Hate it when i buy clothes for friends who are skinner,
    I had a convo with someone kinda like the coke on
    I got my friend a size 12 top and the lady behind the counter
    - Have you tried it on
    (me) Nah its fine
    - are you sure, cause i dont think it will fit you

    I felt like screaming at her lol
  6. totty

    totty Personal Trainer

    why didnt you! lol

    i had the same with a girl in river island when i went to buy my best mates birthday pressie.....

    size 8 top...to the counter...the girl takes the alarms off....looks at me and says

    "did you realize its a size 8??"

    i replied "yes, i will buy another identical one next week, and join them both together...then i may have a top from this shop that isnt for girls, seen as you only cater for women barely bigger than 12 year olds!!!!!"


    big gob aint i :ignore:
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  7. xowee-shortieox

    xowee-shortieox Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!

    Hahahhahhaahha ROFL!!
    Good On You,
    Im To Quiet To Say Stuff like that!:argh:

    I wish i could of said somthing though :worthy:
  8. totty

    totty Personal Trainer

    lol...you can be hun...:girlpower:

    sometimes gets you into trouble though lol:D
  9. Janey2004

    Janey2004 This is for ME!

    Good thread:D!!
    I hate being on holiday and not feeling confident enough to go and have fun with my wee guy in the pool. And when you've not seen someone in a while and you get that look of "god shes become a porker".
    Changing rooms that let you see yourself at every angle and coming home really down when you can't find anything nice that fits you. My feet being too fat for all my nice shoes.
    Feeling like I'm gonna burst walking up a hill. Bumping off every seat when walking down an airplane aisle. God!!!! I could go on and on.
  10. xowee-shortieox

    xowee-shortieox Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!

    Oh, Dont Get Me Started On Shoes Either! Such a pain!
  11. Janey2004

    Janey2004 This is for ME!

    LOL hubb counted my shoes today, I've got 37 pairs, he says nobody needs that many shoes!! See when I can get into most of them again I'm gonna wear a differant pair everyday and no doubt add to the collection. You can never have too many shoes!!
  12. xowee-shortieox

    xowee-shortieox Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!

    I Know I think I have about 21 pairs or so, but only wear to LOL cause none fit!
    I cant weight to get my calves in knee high boots!!
  13. Tazzi

    Tazzi is Special :P

    I cant wait to be able to have the arguement with airline staff about the weight of my bag......"Well i only weigh some tiny amount.....so ill have extra weight to use in my bag" lol

    Only kidding. But i had someone point to me once and say " well look at her, i weigh less than she does so i can have extra weight in my bag."

    Taz x
  14. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    great thread x
  15. Jenmac

    Jenmac can't speak French

    You know what, anyone who is small-minded and spiteful enough to make nasty remarks about your size isn't worth worrying about. I know it's easy to say but it's true!
    Hold your heads high and be proud that you would never make a cruel remark to someone about their appearance (except the woman who called me a "skinny *****" in a shop at xmas - I'd done nothing to her and I'm a size 14 ffs!)
  16. Big H

    Big H Silver Member

    I hate having to pick things up with my feet and then try to flick them up in the air to catch them. Or is that just me that does that :D
  17. Janey2004

    Janey2004 This is for ME!

    Knee high boots Kirsty:sigh: I miss those. Defo been there Big H. Dread dropping anything!!!!
    Heres another I was thinking about today, this is for girls right enough, but when your boobs get too big to be comfy in bed at night, I spend about 30mins before I go to sleep trying to get them in a comfy position. Dunno if thats just me too.
    Janey xx
  18. munkypooh

    munkypooh Warning-Contains Nuts

    Shouldn't this be in the "what's it like being a circus gymnast/professional footballer?" thread!! :giggle:
  19. Big H

    Big H Silver Member

    Hahaha :D
  20. Neil&Ash

    Neil&Ash Member

    The bath one is very true.Our bath is only big enough for a three foot hobbit and im not only heavy im 6ft 4.Sometimes i feel like i should grease myself up in lard to squeeeeeze in the bath.Then when you want to get out you struggle to get up with out the water wanting to jump out of the bath.
    Ever tried running over the road to aviod being road kill? not a pretty sight.
    Then there the one where you want to go to the gym to lose wieght and get fit,but your that embarresed about your size you dar not go the gym for showing yourself up infront of all those body beautiful types .ARGGHHH LOL.
    Swiming is another one,especially for the blokes.Ive always envied the women who can where cossies and sarrongs(not that i want to wear one mind you lol)but us poor men have to wear stupid shorts and let the rest hang free.
    Anywho i think ive built up quite a mental picture by now so i best shut me gob before i scar ppl for life lol
  21. totty

    totty Personal Trainer

    you dont know how many times i hear this hun....but trust me when i say its not true...people have this misconception that everyone in the gym is a skinny bit but its not true....there are all shapes and sizes there.....and no-one in the gym blinks an eyelid at the next person that walks in.....x

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