What's it like to do exercise on LP?


Hi everyone
I started on Lipotrim on monday so i'm now on day 3. I'm feeling quite lethargic tonight - is that normal for day 3? I'm hoping to feel more energised tomorrow!! I had just started going to the gym before the diet and was wondering if anyone does vigorous exercise on LP? I don't feel like i've got enough energy but i'm hoping that will change!! Any advice would be welcomed
Cheers ;)
I am on LT - 3 and a half weeks now. I did no exercise for the first week, except the usual walking with my little girl in her buggy!

From week two onwards I have been to the gym 3 times a week doing a tough spinning class. You need to watch yourself and your body get much more tired, more quickly, you need to pace yourself! I would advise that the first time you go back (you will have tonnes more energy once you get into ketosis .. you will know when you're there) you speak to an instructor and tell them so they can keep an eye on you ..

I didn't have any energy until day 6/7 so it's different for everyone!!

Good luck and get your ticker sorted!!
Hi Lizzied
My legs went a little wobbly in the first week , but i have been buzzing ever since , ive painted my parents place and been exercising this week for an hour each time , only home dvd's but i feel a lot better in doing it !
Give urself a week hun just so u dont get dizzy and things !
Good luck
lucky xxx
Thanks girls!
I think i will wait until next week to exercise just in case i pass out ( unlikely as i don't push myself hard enough!!! Ha ha!). How do you find the shakes? I feel i'm struggling with them a bit. Any tips to make them a bit nicer??
Happy dieting!!:D
I might try drinking them through a straw to see if thats better. I don't mind the chocolate and the strawberry, vanilla's ok but i can't take to the chicken soup! I'm craving savouries so i thought the chicken soup would be great but unfortunately not!! How about you? Have you tired the flapjacks - i'd rather chew on a chicken bone!!!LOL
You will get used to them after a week or so, though I personally dont like the vanilla.
I felt pretty week for 2 weeks especially my legs, but once that passes you will be buzzing.
I had to take my chicken soups back - tried two of them (to give them a fair chance) but NOPE!! I get all the shakes now, choc for brekkie, Vanilla for lunch and Strawberry for dinner!! Only way I can drink them is very cold and very quickly!! I tried a hot chocolate one the other day and couldn't even think about finishing it as I was retching!! Also tried the vanilla one hot with coffee and that went the same way!! YUCK

Changing to CD on Saturday for more variety .. and to continue my journey!!

Good luck