What's more important to you?


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Dress size and appearance or actual weight?

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about this the other day, really and truthfully I am more worried about how I look than how much I weigh.
Shes an athlete and actually (according to how much she weighs and the BMI table) shes classed as over weight(!) she looks fantastic and got me wondering how many people use the scales and BMI over how they look and feel?

I just want a flat tummy, and my arms not to be flabby first and foremost.
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I've noticed that at the moment I haven't lost a lot of weight but have noticed changes in my body..and mind. I feel more active and can go longer exercising but am still really heavy..obviously.. ;) buuut I feel better. I think if I felt I looked ok..I wouldn't be bothered with hot much I weighed.


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dress size not so much.... im the same weight almost as i started, yet with heavily muscle tone im down 3/4 dress sizes


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Appearance, definitely. I've met women my height at 11st, 13st and 14st that look fabulous. I've set a target, but in reality, I think I'll just stop when I 'feel' like it's right.

Take a look at my post regarding the photographic-height-weight-chart. Some of the people on there don't 'look' what they 'weigh' if that makes sense? It's definitely helpful to look at.


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Changes to my dress size and appearance are just side benefits to me. I love more the fact that ever since I started exercising again, I feel more awake and energetic throughout the day. Of course I won't deny that I'll feel really good once I can fit into smaller sizes again.


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Appearance definitely for me... I've never really looked what I've weighed and tend to go on how well stuff fits and how much my bum sticks out! So if I'm heavier but feel like I look good then I'll have achieved most of what I set out to do x


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Definately appearance for me, I'm not fussed about how much i weigh as long as i have a flat stomach......aiming for a sixpack:eek:
(rugby player physique)


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S: 15st0lb C: 14st11lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 35.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.43%)
Its interesting isnt it that all these videos and 'diet gurus' go on about weight when it would seem that actually if you look and feel good you can do anything...
I get in from work exhausted but force myself to do my workout and by the end, im still tired but feel better about myself and I'm more productive...cant wait to start dropping dress sizes lol


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Its the scales for me. Im tall and it seems to taken me nearly 2 stone for me to go up a dress size from a 12 to a 14 so the scales are the best way for me to judge whether healthy eating is working or not.
I weigh myself everyday, Ive heard you shouldnt do this but I look forward to going to bed so I can do it in the morning :)


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also, dress sizes vary in different styles and shops......

example: i got a shirt in ms selfridge, tried the same size in quiz and i have to go 2 sizes bigger!


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I'm very confused as I love telling people that I'm 10 stone something instead of 11 and I constantly weigh myself!
But on the other hand I will not buy a size bigger if a 12/14 doesn't fit I just won't buy whatever it was!!!
I never feel totally happy and don't think I ever will after 3 kids everything is just hitting the floor!!! :)


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Im the same, even if I know a shop is notoriously small-made such as H&M - if the 12 doesn't fit it puts me on a total downer even if the 14 looks good on me. I refuse to buy anything bigger because I know it isn't my size.


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Appearance is tied to health in my mind - being slimmer (but the same weight) means a lower body fat percentage. That's great as far as I'm concerned: I get to be slim, good looking and healthy :)


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Im vain; definately appearance - although the scales do dictate my life a fair bit. Always have and i think they always will.
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In terms of setting a target it's useful to set a weight goal - something to aim for. I'd like to weigh 11 stone but if I got to 12 stone and felt I looked good and didn't physically feel like I was carrying too much weight I'd stop and try and maintain.
Ideally i'd like to get down to a size where I didn't feel like I was carrying too much extra "baggage" and didn't feel self-conscious about my appearance. So in the long run appearance and feeling better is more important to me


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Apearance and feeling healthy and vibrant in and out.


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my health is the most important thing, then the appearance. Weight is not that important, even because I have reached goal already so all I can do now is have as a goal the improvement of things like bat wings and loose skin... not having much of it but I do have some, so I am working towards trying to lose as much as I can of it. I know I won't ever get rid of all of it, even because I do want to have kids so it'll all come back eventually ;) but I want to be in the best place when the next "problem" will happen so that I will just need to work towards getting "back there" rather than having interrupted a journey and have to get worse before getting better.:eek: