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Red Days whats on your red day menu?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by sarahb-84, 27 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. sarahb-84

    sarahb-84 Full Member

    Thinking of giving red days a go as im not losing on EE.

    Please can u share your ideas of a typical day.

    I will be using my B choice on potatoes, bread, pasta as i need some carbs in each meal as im diabetic

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  3. josephsmummy

    josephsmummy Gold Member

    I haven't really had many red days but this is what I had last time I did one.

    Breakfast - magic porridge (hex b) with melon.

    Lunch - salad with grated cheese (hex a) and 2 quorn sausages

    Tea- hunters chicken (3 and 1/2 syns) and mixed veg

    Snacks - cups of tea with milk (hex a)
    Hi-fi bar (hex b)
  4. I'm keen to give red days a go. Need to dig my book out and have a good read!!!!!!
  5. eejayess

    eejayess Full Member

    Hi, there is a red day thread in the recipe section where others post their daily menus, they may help with ideas.
  6. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    On a red day my meals would be something like....

    Breakfast.....bacon,tinned tomatoes,eggs,toast(heB)

    Lunch....... Ham,salad,pickled onions,beetroot,cheese(HeA), muller light,banana

    Tea......salmon or chicken,roast veg(courgettes,peppers,toms,onions),hassle back pots(HeB2)
  7. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    Perfect Red day for me would be:

    Brekkie - Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms and tomatoes - topped with cheese (hea1) Toast (heb1)

    Lunch - Warm chicken and bacon salad - with gherkins, mayo (synned) and lettuce and tomato.

    Dinner - Homemade burgers topped with cheese (hea2) and served with veggies and SW Chips (using HEB2)

    Snacks - Fruit sticks, and fat free yoghurt.

    Hope this helps. x
  8. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    Use the recipes section on here and on SW site, there are some great ideas. I drop onto red days when I feel bloated and don't always find the ideas flow that well. Here's what I had today....

    B- Alpen light bar (heb1)

    Snack: fruit and fat free yoghurt

    L: ham and cheese (hea1) salad (plus crisps for 5 syns)

    D: gammon, egg and beans (heb2)
  9. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    Cottage pie with carrot and suede topping is nice. Any kind of meat and veg combo works, I sometimes have potatoes as heb, or sometimes just pile on the veg!

    The SW big daddy burger is nice, I don't have it with a bun, just on its own with salad (again, carbs optional)

    Chicken and bacon salad, or chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.

    Mixed grill.

    For lunches when I don't fancy salad I use my heb for bread and have a ham and cheese (hea) salad sandwich. Or substitute the ham for chicken. Take out the cheese if you wish.
  10. sarahb-84

    sarahb-84 Full Member

    thanks for all your ideas :)
  11. shezam

    shezam Silver Member

    tonight i'm having chicken stir fry, instead of noodles going to have it on a bed of beansprouts! x

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