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Whats safe to eat in a pub salad? (food mentioned)

Help! I have a meal out Saturday with the family and have already phoned the pub and asked what they do.
They were happy to do a cheese salad. Now it takes quite a bit to throw me out of ketosis but what bits of the salad should I be safe with and what to avoid? I know cheese has zero carbs and I can get away with a little of that (personally) but I cant just eat the lettuce:cry:
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is a naughty girl...
I hope a CDC will answer better than me however I think you are meant to stick to GREEN salad?! also please be careful because cheese does have carbs in it :D Hence why they limit it on atkins :)

enjoy your meal out xx
ohhh i didnt know cheese had carbs in it? i thought it was just really high in fat- which it is too then! miss jelly tot why dont you ask if they can do plain chicken breast with the salad? im sure a few lettuce leaves wont do too much damage. i know tomatoes have carbs in case you come across them! xx
Thanks well I may just push the cheese around a bit as I dont know which cheese it will be :confused: I always buy the no carbs one but thats a very good point. I think cucumber will be fine. Doesnt sound very exciting :sigh:
Thanks lottie but im veggie and they dont do quorn as I have already asked. I forgot how unsociable this diet can be :(

ohhh i didnt know cheese had carbs in it? i thought it was just really high in fat- which it is too then!
I always get the one with no carbs but yes you are right about the fat it is high in calories


Going for Goal!
Sometimes the salads can have more calories in than a steak!!! Not that I am telling you to eat a steak. lol - Lots of pubs do spit roast chicken, which may be better if you ate green veggies with it. I once went to the pub and had white fish, I left the new potatoes and ate the green beans that came with it. Do they have an online webiste with a menu that you can download? Sometimes this is a good idea to weigh your options. Before now I have put menu's on this website to ask peoples opinions of what is best - this helps!
oh I LIKE a big lump of meat!! ;)
Haha me to but not to eat...well:rolleyes:
Does anyone else think the wensleydale and pepper salad is a good choice? Wensleydale has zero carbs. The other option is chicken and bacon salad. Is a little bit of bacon allowed? (well not offically.)
Sorry if im going away from the allowed CD foods but some times social events come up and CD has to take the passenger seat:rolleyes:
How about tuna? thats a good choice, Ive had tuna salad in pubs before. I just asked for a 'green' salad avoiding the tomato issue, cucumber is ok i think, and they usually give an interesting selection of 'leaves!'
Thanks AlyB but I dont like fish, you never know where its swam lol. :gen157:
Sorry im really awkward. I normally go for the rice. pizza or pasta dishes when im not on CD thats why im finding it so hard to choose.
Ummmh not looking foward to the 'leaves.' I very nearly said i wouldn't go because of CD (and have done in the past) but why miss out on a good night because of choice foods:(
miss jelly tot you should go!!! i think if you cut yourself off you eging to hate doing this and thats no winning combination, this is something im learning to do when we see our freinds ect, i sat with them last weekend whilst they all ate home made roast dinner.... mmmmm i had a shake! :) have the cheese- dont feel bad, maybe just dont eat it all, ifs its any help i never thought it had carbs and frequently picked at it, and had it out with a meal too! its never done me any harm with my weigh ins, it has always been cheddar though. I wouls also have a shake just before u go as you wont feel too hungry then and you may not feel so bad about leaving any! goodluck and try and enjoy it! xx
Just had a look on that link to the pub, they don't seem to cater well for vegetarians do they?!
No not at all. Im still thinking the wensleydale salad is my only choice minus the dressing, toms and crutons. Wow yummy a plate of lettuce with a tiny bit of cheese, Im so looking forward to it lol :rolleyes:
What about eggs? They're ok, boiled egg and bacon??!
Thats a good idea perhaps they could add a boiled egg to make it more exciting. Thanks Aly.

Lottie thank you for the encouragement. Good idea about the shake, think I will try that. You must have so much will power to have a shake whilst other people are eating a roast dinner! Ive already come across the SIL saying why are you ringing the pub in advance, you dont need to lose any more, take a day off, you know the normal blah blah, but im determined not to give in:D


please try again
im going to the pub with my mum, sister and bro in law on sunday. im taking a tetra and a toffee bar with me
They just dont understand do they!! stick to your guns! you know when you will stop the diet, and no-one else! and its not the sort of diet you can have a 'day off' from!
I have been known to have a soup before going out, arranged a salad there, and munched on a bar while they all had dessert! it was chocolate, so no-one really said anything!
The feeling you get knowing you have gone out, had a good time AND kept to the diet is amazing!! and well worth it! Dont consider not going, you still have to live! and life's about adapting to situations. When we are at target weight we will still have to make careful choices, so people will just have to get used to us phoning in advance and making arrangements! its a life change, and it starts now!
I would call them again and ask what they can arrange for a vegetarian salad wise, and see what you fancy!

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