What's the average weight gain once you finish CD?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Bigmama2littlemama, 30 March 2007 Social URL.

  1. Bigmama2littlemama

    Bigmama2littlemama Full Member

    Hi :wavey:

    I dont finish CD until Aug/Sept' time, but was wondering what sort of weight gain I could expect when eating healthily?

    I know your glycogen stores full up etc .. but do you gain fat or just water and is it really noticable.

    I want to get down to about 8-8.7st to allow for an increase on the scales.


    bm2lm xx
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  3. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hi there - If you follow the maintenance plane correctly - and re-introduce foods in the 'correct' (ie Cambridge -recommended) order...you shouldn't have the big ;glycogen hit'....


    good luck with your weight loss - look forward to hearing about your successes !


  4. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet

    As Debz says if you follow the steps you won't get a sudden gain, I lost my last half-stone going up through the steps which got me to my goal weight. I stayed at my goal weight for 6 months and then had a slight increase as I was off work ill for 3 months and wasn't very active. I also had a slight gain over Christmas (I guess you can work out why :p ) and now have got back down to just a few pounds over my goal.

    It can be done, there's no reason why you should have any weight gain.
  5. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    There is no gain at all after following correctly, Im living proof!!!

    Following maitainence is key, this re introduces food at the correct time and avoids any problems, 5 months on and Im 1lb below when I stopped CD.

    Weight gain can be a problem for those who dont follow the full journey x
  6. MissPiggyFi

    MissPiggyFi somebody shrink me

    Cambridge Diet USA
    I gained 4 stone... I must have done something wrong!! PMSL :giggle: :rotflmao:


    Follow the steps- I didn't :eek:

    I won't make that mistake this time though! I'm in it for the long-haul this time!! :D

    Good luck to you bm2lm!
  7. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    Glad this was posted as I was wondering the same myself today.

    Thanks all:D :D
  8. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

    Goal Weight:
    good thread, so i want to know how far over goal would you go into maintainance ?
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    When you get to BMI 27, you should start moving up the plans.

    By the time you get to BMI 25, you should be off a VLCD (over 800 calories) and onto about 1,000 as recommended.

    Please everyone. Do the plans. They are soooo important.
  10. GreenDayJen

    GreenDayJen Full Member

    Slimming World
    i put on a stone over about 2 years. could be a lot worse. i didnt do maintenance at all. tut tut.
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