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Whats the best thing to have at an indian??

ops sorry, still new to all this :) x
Yes have an EE day or a Green Day (pick a vegetable curry).

If you are going to an Indian its best to stick to a curry which has a tomato based sauce. This is usually the chicken bhuna, but check the menu. It will usual say what its with..... "tomato sauce with onions etc....".

Probably best to stay away from Naan Bread but have lots of boiled rice which is free on EE and Green!

If you fancy a poppadom....

Basic/Non Branded Foods Indian Restaurant, Poppadoms, average each each

4 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 4 Syns
Green 4 Syns

Enjoy! :p
good advice, thankyou x x x hopefully we wont go, not that i wouldnt love an indian but really do wanna lose weight x thankyou, im prepared if needs be x


Finally a size 12!
When i go i usually have chicken tikka pieces with raita and salad :) tell them ure on a diet and they will leave out cream and stuff x
Or you can just have tandoori chicken, or plain chicken tikka (NOT masala) and they're free on red & EE. (I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!)
It's my parents wedding anniversary on Friday and I'm taking them to their fave Indian as a treat. I was thinking of doing a Red day on Friday and just having tandoori chicken and salad. Or am I better off doing EE and having one of the lower syn curries and plain boiled rice.

Thoughts anyone?

Kirsty x
Basic/Non Branded Foods Indian Restaurant, Chicken Tandoori, average portion 340g serving

9 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 9 Syns
Green 21 Syns

Shame but sauceless indian chicken isn't free. They use a lot of oil and ghee in their cooking which takes the syns through the roof very quickly.
You can ask them to make it without but most food is prepared earlier in the day.
Chicken Bhuna is 11 syns... the best thing to have is a chicken dhansak which is 6.5, I had one Fri night and it was really tasty, quite sweet but with a very spicy kick

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