Whats the best way to boost metabolism post VLCD?


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Hi all!

I'm debating coming off CD in favour of foodie diet - anyone know how do u boost ur metabolism??? I know that whilst on VLCDs it slows down, but I just don't want that big gain often assosciated with ending a VLCD.

Advice muchly appreciated!

Cheers! Chelle xx
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I would think exercise. You can't do much till you start eating, but once you do have some food then up your exercise levels to absorb it and your whole system should start to pick up.
You don't have to stick to classes etc, a good night out clubbing with your mates will see you through a lot of calories (if you stay off the booze).


The answer to your question is: exercise!

But: while it's true that your metabolism slows down while you're on a VLCD, it does go back to normal when you start eating. If I were you I'd gradually add calories instead of going from 500ish to 1500ish overnight, then your body will adapt to the change in diet and you won't have a big gain.
Definitely exercise! I have been told that your metabolism is increased for up to 24 hours after an exercise session. Also have some carbs at least an hour before you exercise and that way your body will use them for energy and they won't hang about turning to fat!


Should we not do exercise on SSing VLCD?????????:confused: Im doing areobics twice a week and im at the end of week 8 on LL ??


VLCDs don't really give you enough fuel for vigorous exercise, you've probably noticed that you don't have as much stamina as you did before you went on the diet. I have exercised on SS but couldn't achieve the level of activity I had before and have now I am on higher steps.


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Hi Claire -

What CD plan are you on and how much exercise do you do.

How much is too much exercise I wonder


Hi Shazza, I was on SS and was doing 2 x 1hour jazz dance classes a week, as well as a lot of walking. I'm now working up through steps, 790 until Thursday then up to 1000. Still doing both those classes plus rehearsals 3 nights a week, some parts of which are energetic and others not.
I couldn't say how much is too much, it's got to depend on the individual. Fitness levels would increase as the exercise went up, but realistically most of us don't have time to do that much. The only thing that matters to me is that I enjoy it, I know I wouldn't do gym or swimming but I love my dancing so that's why I keep going. The fact that it's good for me is a big plus on top of that.


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Oh I love dancing as well - not doing any classes YET !!! - There are just not enough days in the week.

I do aqua aerobics three nights and am building up my daily walking plus I sing two evenings and even that has had to be cut back.

But I love dancing and singing around the living room pretending I'm a pop star !!!!

Wish we had 4 days for the weekend instead of 2 - LOL


4 day weekends sound good, how about ten evenings a week as well (maybe we could give up mornings in exchange for evenings).
Hi all
I went to spinning (group cycling classes) 3 times a week for an hour, and BodyJam (Hip hop, salsa aerobics) all the time I was LLing. I had bags of energy, and was drinking 6 litres water with it.
Since I went back to food, I find I don't have the energy to do 1 spinning class!
I cheated LL and went on holiday, since then it was a slippery slope!
VLCD seemed to boost my energy levels 10-fold.

Body jam classes are so fun. The class tends to be women only, all shapes & sizes. If ther's a class near you - go for it!

Good luck
Yvonne xx