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Whats the deal with the 20p coin?


I will be skinny again!!!
Ive no idea, It was saying something about it on the radio, that they are selling on ebay for like £200 +


I will be skinny again!!!
Just seen two go on ebay

One for £190

And one for £180

Some one is trying to sell one for £6000

and another for £20,000 with the tag line - Get in the papers for buying the most expensive 20p lol


I will be skinny again!!!
lol theres loads on there now!
Get it sold lol
the banks are giving 500 quid apparently, hold on to it or sell it sensibly, they may be worth lots o lolly, you got nothing to lose, you only paid 20p for it.


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Yeah im thinking of keeping it,even if it comes worthless its a peice of history i can tell m grankids in years to come lol.....or not lol?
Like you said its only 20p at the end of the day,i never knew i had it till my dad said check my 20p's.So im saving it lol.



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I heard they'll be worth a LOT more in years to come so the best thing to do would be to hold on to it. If this wasn't true why would the Mint be paying to get them back!? x
Nothing to do with the value, apparantly cos theres so many of them the value is negligable and people are never going to recoup their money. RM want them back because its been about the biggest mistake theyve ever made and they want them out of circulation. Something like 40,000 of them so theyre not that rare really. Cant believe someone would pay thousands... clearly more money than sense lol


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Not sure how true this is,
but the story is that only 500 were made and accidently went out, (this was when they were flipping the coin to print the date on the reverse. But 500 never printed by accident).
They went into circulation and now are worth a mint.
My bf has a friend who sold his on ebay for about £500 he said.

Now don't take my word for it, but this is the story that i heard 3 times from different people.


maintaining since June'09
I wonder how many are in circulation in total? I still think - even if it was tens of thousands that went out, they will be valuable in the future.
I'm not talking about our lifetime - or even our grandchildren's lifetime. But one day they'll be worth lots IMHO. x


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I can see what your saving starlight but ive come round to the fact its just a 20p and a peice of history.Someone somewere knows one day how much they will be worth or they wouldnt be paying OVER £500!!! WOW lol
Im still saving mine and dads even gave a a coin wallet for it lol.Heard you can register it and get a presentation box too?
Its something ill tell my grankids in years to come how much ppl were willing to pay for a 20p lol.........If my silly body ev er lets me have children that is LOL.


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