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What's the definition of a MRP?


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Just wondering what defines a MRP? I know that they have to include at least a percentage of all of the vitamins and minerals we need for our RDA (a third of them perhaps in a 3 MRP per day VLCD?) but what else has to be in one? Does it have to have a certain level of protein, fats and carbs as well? Or is there no formal definition as such?

I'm just contemplating what I need to do when I start refeeding (a bit of a way to go yet). Although my calorie intake was obviously pretty high pre this diet as otherwise I wouldn't have been so overweight I'm sure it wasn't that healthy as I suspect I ate a lot of crap that didn't provide the right balance of nutrition. When I start refeeding I want to try to keep the calories lowish so that I continue to lose a little weight until I find the right amount to maintain but obviously want to ensure good nutrition as I go away from the comfort factor of the food packs. I know that white bread, pasta and rice aren't particularly good from my own perspective as when I stayed off them when I did a VLCD a few years ago I maintained just fine, but when I added them back into my diet that's when I put on weight, and as they made me hungry I ate more than I should as they impacted my blood sugar levels. This time round I want to try to keep the carbs low but eat plenty of non starchy vegetables and lean protein.

I know that in diets such as Slimfast you can replace 2 meals with shakes and then have a 'healthy dinner' but if the shakes aren't MRPs how do they adequately provide the right nutrition (especially as they have a very high sugar content), or are they replying on your healthy dinner to provide everything that you need, or is it merely the higher number of calories in this sort of diet that makes it 'ok'?

Assuming I suss out what my evening meal needs to consist of to be nutritious and healthy if I start refeeding by having 2 MRP packs and then my own healthy dinner is that a good approach to take before I start replacing the MRPs with real food?
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Yes I think that is best approach coming off the packs slowly each week increasing food and decreasing packs.

Not sure about what makes a product mrp but I would guess that the plant that its a part of has to meet your RDA of nutrients.

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