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What's the point of Waitrose?

I have a voucher for 20% off for my first online delivery. Well, I though I could treat myself and do a one off...Now I am struggling to spend the money (60£ I need to spend to get 20£ off)...

But there is not really a lot I fancy and especially branded products I could get cheaper anywhere else. Is there anything in Waitrose that is worthwhile buying and I couldn't get anywhere else for the quality?

I would even prefer M&S...But Waitrose seems a bit dull, really. Would have expected more. They don't have a lot of products I regularly buy (especially SW friendly foods).

And I don't see why I should spend 2 instead of 1£ for a 1kg bag of sweetcorn!??!

So what do you think? Do you have any recommendations or should I cancel my delivery??
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I think if you don't normally shop there, and it's not your kind of stuff then don't spend your money there.
The voucher is encouraging you to spend, just to get money off.

Waitrose do have a lot of luxury foods and I always go there if I have a dinner party, I find their fruit and veg very expensive but it is quality and I would recommend it. I'd shop there all the time if it was more local and I had the money.

I'd say leave it.


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I LOVE WAITROSE and cant see how you think their foods are 'dull'!

My favourite thing is the Easy to Cook, Lamb with mint and balasamic crust - free on EE/Red days (think its £6.99 for 2)

Ocado: Easy to Cook Lamb Rump with Mint & Balsamic Crust Waitrose (Product Information)

I also love their fruit and veg, the prepared moroccan couscous and all of the fresh chicken and Easy to Cook range is delightful.

Breads are lovely - the mixed variety of mini loaf rolls as an example - delish!

They have great food and drink offers all the time, and pricematch with Tesco, so i dont see how they can be THAT much more expensive. The Quality speaks for itself, in my opinion.

I would use your voucher and see what you think.

Oh I don't think the food is dull! Waitrose has a great selection of well.. ready meals .. great quality! But I love cooking too much to let someone else to it for me:) And all the daily essentials are way overpriced...I was just expecting more own branded products that are better in quality compared to others (cheeses for example ...I ordered a low fat cheese and I am going to compare it to Tescos)..When I said dull I meant the selection of essential foods (they don't have frozen garlic for example) - lots of posh stuff but not really things I need in daily cooking and/or are SW friendly.

I will look out for the lamb, though:) Thanks for the tips - that's just what I needed.


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I can recommend their fresh pasta- like the tortellini and ravioli. Also if you really like a treat all of their fresh cakes and ice cream (own brand) are really good. I agree they are a bit more expensive in some areas, but often it is worth it for the quality, for example fruit and veg is usually really good, and they also have some fruits and veg that other supermarkets don't stock.
But as has been said before, don't shop there if it isn't to your taste and if it's just to get the money off :) xxx
I've never used frozen garlic - I never knew there was such a thing!!!
Oh I do - is way cheaper! You get it from Tesco or Asda for 99p. One small block of garlic is worth probably 5-7 cloves. And as we like it garlicy and I hate the fiddling with the garlic those frozen ones are perfect for cooking!! (it's fresh, ready pressed garlic, not dried and then frozen)


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My must haves from waitrose are frozen garlic, chilli and ginger. They have others as well but I get those 3. Also frozen chopped butternut squash. Saves loads of time and effort! Their frozen wok mix is amazing!

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My must haves from waitrose are frozen garlic, chilli and ginger. They have others as well but I get those 3. Also frozen chopped butternut squash. Saves loads of time and effort! Their frozen wok mix is amazing!

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mmhhh..couldn't find frozen garlic...


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I think waitrose is great for the adventurous cook. They have a wide selection of exotic food items from all over the world like ingredients for sushi, curries, Mexican food etc. I love that if I want to make a curry I can find everything I need in one place. I just love that they have Authentic ingredients. And of course you just can't beat the quality of their fruit and veg and fish counter. Their fruits in particular are always amazing!

A really cool thing I found was a spice mix to make a curry without having to buy a whole jar of every spice you need. It's great if you're still experimenting with flavours Ocado: Kitchen Guru Chicken Jalfrezi (Product Information)
Thought I make curries so often now that I just buy the whole jars lol

I haven't really shopped at other supermarkets so Waitrose may not have anything unique for all I know but the things I buy from them that may not be mainstream are;

Palm sugar
Tinned cherry tomatoes (amazing for pasta sauce!)
Cinnamon sticks
Dried porcini mushrooms
Porridge with bran (you don't need to add scan bran to this, 1 oz is a full HEX)
Thai curry paste (free!) Ocado: Thai Taste Green Curry Paste (Product Information)
Black beans
Amazing bagged salads with unusual salad leaves like radicchio, oriental leaves, soya beans, alfalfa sprouts etc
Belazu balsamic vinegar (BEST EVER!! Just a tiny drizzle on salads!)

I also love their love life range. Its a range of wholesome foods like beans, pulses, rice etc. You can find just about every pulse and beans in the world within the range and weird things like camargue red rice! Great if you like cooking from scratch! Their soup mix is a must, add it to any soup base and it makes it rich and thick and hearty and filling! Ocado: Soup Mix Waitrose Love Life (Product Information)

Oh another thing I love is their liquid egg whites! I know it sounds weird but I like to add it to whole eggs when I make an omelette just to keep the richness down a little. I only need to use 2 whole eggs and then 1/2 cup of whites for a BIG omelette instead of using say 5 eggs :eek: lol and no wasted egg yolks from separating eggs! Ocado: Two Chicks Liquid Egg White (Product Information)

Those are my favourites :D I think it's worth trying them for one order, especially if you've got a money off voucher. You don't have to spend more than you usually would and you can decide then whether you like them or not. Or you could shop there for more obscure ingredients and use your normal supermarket for everyday things. Either way you can't go wrong with Waitrose! Oh also, if you have a John Lewis partnership card and shop on it, you get vouchers! Every couple of months I get a £50 voucher which I can spend in Waitrose of John Lewis and at Christmas time I get up to £150!!


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It is indeed the same! Ocado is just the online delivery version of Waitrose.


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Frozen garlic? Liquid egg white???!!! :eek: *mind boggle*

I do love Waitrose because the stuff is so much tastier but I dont go there often cos it is expensive... Ive only done it online twice cos they gave me vouchers and free stuff :D

I luuuuuuurve Camargue red rice! mmmmmmm lovely and nutty! With delia dressing! Its not just Waitrose tho, Gallo do one and wild rice is yum too.

Ive got a three voucher codes here for 15 quid off your first online delivery, let me know if you want one, (although I dont know if they're any different to the ones that drop out of every single magazine I ever pick up at the minute..?)
Just went on the Waitrose website (NOT Ocado) and they only offer a "shop online - pick up"- service (a bit like co-op) whereas Ocado is the official delivery service for waitrose.


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We love Waitrose although none near where Ilive. Their fresh fish is gorgeous. Im not much help with ordering online but my husband gets lost when we have a wander around their stores.

Frozen roasted veg delicious 1st place I had ever seen it. Cooked meats expensive but plenty of taste and all their tinned items are excellent.Toiletries and cleaning stuff really good.

Wish I had more money would buy loads.:D


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I was in the same position as you when I tried to order on line. I think my problem was they don't have a very extensive own label range. For instance, if I'm buying baby wipes I can get 4 for £3 in Asda - perfectly good quality and suitable for my needs. There isn't really an equivalent in Waitrose but they price match the leading brands. Buying 4 packs of Huggies or Pampers wipes would be insanely expensive so I just didn't buy them. I found that with quite a few every day staples - there just wasn't the choice.

I do like popping in for the occasional top up shop, just couldn't do all my shopping there without needing a second mortgage!


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I have used both services - my local Waitrose Store can deliver me items, this is with 'Waitrose Deliver' and if your order is over £50 then, delivery is free. Waitrose Deliver is 100% John Lewis owned - and therefore the drivers are employed at the local store.

Ocado comes from a massive warehouse/stock building, not a store. They charge for delivery. They are also not affiliated with John Lewis, as they sold out in February - so they are just a delivery engine for Waitrose.

Thats the difference! Hope I have explained it clearer!!!

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