Whats the point!


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Wi tonight and they really is no point me goin stayed the same last week then this week I'm having my first totm is nearly 2 years can see how bloated I am I feel disgusting been on this diet for 5 weeks and all I lost is 6.5 lbs really I have had enough! :'( x
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You've lost the same as me in total in the same amount of time but I'm well chuffed :confused: So what if you stay the same again this week? Maybe next week you will lose? All that is guaranteed is that if you jack it in you will gain next week. I would rather take a chance on carrying on and losing ;)

You are probably feeling all hormonal and down now. In a few days time hopefully you will see things differently.


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I hope So cause at the moment I feel disgusting on my way now but I doubt I will STS I can feel it :( x


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6.5lbs in 5 weeks is good! i am on 11.5lbs in 11 weeks, and i have many sts but i think to myself that it is still a lb a week loss overall which is my aim.

Please dont give in, stay strong, pudnpie is right, if you give in now you will defo gain!


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I do understand what ur both sayin I just feel like this a endless battle well I will here my Fate soon lol if I do manage to stay the same will be one happy bunny lol xx
Hi Hun I only started last week weighed in last night and was totm lost 1.5 lbs. Now there were new people who started the same week as me and lost 8 lbs and I thought the same as you I didn't want to go. The scales are there as a reflection of your weight at that moment in time, don't use them as a reflection for feeling like you have failed. I know how frustrating it can be. Go if you have STS or put on try and say to yourself ok this is what they say tonight and if I stick to plan this week and I won't be totm next week I hopefully shall have a result xxxx


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My friend, 6.5 lbs in 5 weeks is BLOODY BRILLIANT WELL DONE!!! :clap::clap::clap:

The new WW diet focuses on making you lose FAT rather than muscles, which comes off quicker. Losing fat is a slow process, if you don't lose at the same time water and muscles, but in the ending line you will see the difference, you won't be as flaccid as you would have been if you had lost muscles as well as fat, and your resting metabolic rate (BMR) will be higher, which means you WILL be able to MAINTAIN your loss better.

What does it mean that you had your first period in 2 years? Remember that when you have TOTM you retain water, so your "STS" this week could mean that actually you have lost and you will see a great loss next week!

A big hug, don't give up you would spoil all the hard work you've made in the last few weeks!


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I've lost 6 in 6 weeks. I'd like it to go quicker but I know that this way it'll stay off longer n my eating habits are improving every day which is brill. Periods suck. Hormones suck. Don't let them make ur decisions! Ur doing fantastic x


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Hey guys feel a little bit better today went to the wi and put on a pound was not surprised one bit cause of the way my body has been playin games wiv me all week but I'm ok thank you everyone I'm bk on it this week and I'm gonna loose I just know it thanks again everyone x x


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Good luck for this week hun, as it has been your totm im sure that pound and more will come off next week! Just remember to keep your fluid intake up :)