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whats the worst that can happen?????


Must do it this time
ok i thought id bite the bullet and ask you all your opinion on this..............
i am meant to be on 1000kcal this week but just cant face doing it because of last weeks disaster of a weigh in!!!!:cry:
my cdc said that i needed to work up the plans as im off on my hols in 11 days,but in doing this last week i put up 1lb:eek: and am now so scared of eating more that i just wont do it,now what id like to know is that when i go away will i pile loads back on(im coming off cd for the 2 weeks im away)even if i watch what i eat,
any advice would be much appreciated,as always)
elaine x
p.s im supposed to be on 1200 next week!!!!
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hey, wierd how cdc's have different opinions, when i was due to go away my cdc adviced me to ss till the day i go.. which i didnt ofcourse i just took 4 weeks off in total and only gained i think 12 pounds in that time and i mean i scoffed..

its entirely upto you what you want to do... dont be worried about gaining perhaps you will gain abit while your stores stock up then it will come off again..

sorry i not much help :)
The reason they ask you to move up is cos they want to stop the water weight gain that can occur. It's a good idea to stick to plan cos you have time to SS when you get home!

Good luck xx


Must do it this time
Im On Ss+ So Dont Really Miss Food As I Have Some Chicken Each Day,i Was Just Thinking Of Introducing Food Next Week Maybe So As Not To Do Too Much Damage When I Go Away.i Dont Think It Would Be Anywhere Near 1200 Kcals Though,
Thanx For The Advice Though Girls,
Elaine X


Silver Member
Just got back off my hols 2 weeks in tenerife .I am almost at goal so was already going up the plans .I found the things I had learnt while doing them helped me a lot .I ate fruit and salad through the day which I bought and prep myself ,then on a night time I ate what I wanted but had new/jacket spuds instead of chips or asked for bit more veg .Never felt like I was missing out and had a pud or creamy cocktail most days .I have only put on 8lb but that was a night time wi and I am now within 2lb of my going away weight in less than a week .So stop worring enjoy your hols, the weight gain will be alot of carb stores which wil drop off as soon as you get back on the wagon xx


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I'm also going up the plans in prep for hols on 10th July. Did 1000 kcal this week and didn't gain (didn't lose either but have TOTM and also had gained 1lb last saturday night after night off). The way i look at it is that if you are doing it right and measuring all your stuff - there is no way you have gained fat weight - after all you're only eating around 1000kcal per day. My advice is to stick with it and do it properly. I'm going onto 1200 next week and then 1500+ a couple of days b4 i go - Don't stress about it - you're going to have to eat normally again one day:D


Must do it this time
Thanx Mandye,
You Have Really Put My Mind At Ease Over This,im Fretting About My Weight Already And This Is Something That I Didnt Want To Happen!!!
I Want Ot Be Able To Enjoy A Few Drinks,havent Had A Drink In Over A Year And A Half So Looking Forward To A Big Cocktail With An Umbrella In It!!!!
I Will Go Away With The Knowledge That If I Do Put On Weight That It Will Come Off Easy Enough.
Well Done On You Losing Any Excess Accumulated On Your Hols,and Thanx Again For The Advice,
Elaine X


Must do it this time
Thanx Jaxied,
Where Are You Off To On Your Hols???
elaine hope you have a fab time on your hoildays. i bet your really looking forward to it. you deserve it you have done so well. sorry i cant offer any advice u know me a bit of disaster!!!!

becky xx

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