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Whats Your Craving Today?

me too could eat a twix but already had my syns today never mind x
pmsl me too just makes me worse x
MandiNKel said:
Once a month I get really bad sweet cravings, I'm normally a savoury person but 8 days before my *week I start craving chocolate.
Well my cravings started today and so far I have managed to resist but can really feel them getting stronger.

I just want a Dime aaarrggh
I've has nowt but sugar cravings today and I'm about 8/9 days off *week! Swear I get this every month lol
It's my WI on Tuesday so just gotta hold out till then and I'll satisfy my cravings then.
All I can think about is Crunchies, Bountys, Dimes & Snickers could eat them all


loves a curlywurly
Im the same hun weigh in tuesday so im not gonna touch any chocolate until then :)
I'm really craving sugar right now... I think it's because I had my food carefully planned today (and was really looking forward to my tea, lol) but I had to eat out instead with family. So I spent money I didn't really want to on food that wasn't as nice (or as filling, or as low syn) as the meal I had planned. *sigh*

I hate eating out with anyone other than my mum and my boyfriend - they don't mind one bit if I choose something SW friendly, but I've noticed that other friends/family members (women particularly) can be a bit funny if you don't want a starter/pud as well as your main, or if you say no to a glass of wine - as if you're saying they're greedy by eating less than them or something!

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