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Whats your fav breakfast

Bowl of either porridge or sultana branflakes.

I love runny yolk of egg on toast but thats a no no now, dont like the white so just cut it out all together x


Violet is shrinking
Allbran ... 2 big bowls a day.. Uuuuuuurgh and just as horrible and boring as it sounds!!!!.. " but needs must " :-/

Still got the toots eh Sam lol! ;)
Ahahh Sam I tried the misery of allbran, it's too much for me lol aloe Vera works ;)

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I'm glad the aloe Vera works for you.. I can't do without it now, I ran out for 4-5 days (the days i started feeljng unwell and my totm) and my bloating and puffyness round my face and ankles came back.. I also started feeling really very tired.. Back on now and tiredness and other stuff has gone and I feel much better.. Strange huh!
i like kellogs crunchy nut at the moment, or special k. Sometimes a bagel is nice with a banana, and i do treat myself to a scraping of peanut butter with it :eek; touch wood always been ok so far, and it is a lower fat and i barely put any on just enough for the taste of it


Not such a fat kat now :)
I thought bagels were very high on fat?

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Proper traditional bagels are boiled not baked so depends where you get them from

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Not such a fat kat now :)
I know how they're cooked- steamed but I always thought the fat content was quite high due to the oil on them. I'll check

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Not such a fat kat now :)
I checked bagels in asda yesterday. They are low fat. I'm confused because if you look at them in a sw way they are 11 syns each!! Why is that if they are low fat?

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SW take into account the carbs and protein too, not just the fat.

Theoretically you could live on say midget gems on Xen as they are fat free and wouldn't cause tangoing, but they have plenty of SW syns in due to the sugars.

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