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whats your fav lunch

baked potatoes are always a good choice :) go with anything! also soup is generally low points and the ainsley harriot cous cous is 2.5pts for half a pack i often have that with salad. sorry i'm not very adventurous anything quick and easy! lol xx


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i have around 4-6 points for my dinner sometimes lower but never higher.

i love salad sandwhiches.....sometimes ww soup and some bread....i'm liking the chilli chicken low fat super noodles at the moment for 5pts for the full pack and i find i'm full for ages with them.

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i love pitta bread, with philadelphia cheese, ham and salad :) followed by a cadburys low fat choc mousse.. 5 points in all :)


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I average 5 points for dinner. I like a variety but a jacket spud is always a winner!
Oh yeah the pitta bread with some waifo ham, tomato relish is nice too and followed off with something nice and sweet and low in points. Generally, I try and stick to 5 - 5.5pts for lunch which leaves me with more points for dinner. :)


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I have veg curry and rice and you only point the rice. I make a large batch at the weekends and portion them then freeze it. It fills me up till I get home and make dinner. I also have spaghetti, prawns and a ratatouille type sauce with tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, courgettes, peppers, onion & chilli flakes. Prawns are REALLY low and great for lunches.
John West do tins of smoked tuna which are 2.5 points. I mix with extra light salad cream and black pepper, serve with a large salad and it really is yummy.
I agree with the couscous, add lots of veggies and again it's filling.
Free soup with your sandwich and a low fat yogurt is alos a filling lunch.
Hope this gives you a few ideas :D
I like the John West Salmon light lunch. Lovely, tasty and filling and can be mixed with a nice salad to bulk it out at around 3.5 points. Failing that I have a ww meal that is no more than 5.5 points for lunch.

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