What's your favourite shake / soup / porridge / bar?


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Just a said in the title - what's your favourite shake / soup / porridge bar? And does it change from time to time.

When I first started (a whole 11 dys ago!) I loved the leek and potato soup made with my cheap hand blender (the expensive all whistling one made it too frothy) now my favourite shake has to be chocolate but it has to be made in a particular way. I leave the house at 7am to go to work and just before I do I add 2 big handfuls of ice cubes (bought not made) into my shaker. I have my break at 10am so half of the ice has melted into ice cold water - I then top the water with chilled water up to 250ml add the chocolate shake and shake the hell out of it - result gorgeous thick ice cold chocolate shake - yum!!!

So is anyone else as funny in their preperation or is just me with my food OCD? :D
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please try again
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choc mint shakes all the way for me, its all i have

as a shake it has to have 450 ml of very cold water in it and of an evening i make a mousse with 250ml of water and a scoop of mam and it has to go in the freezer to set and i have to stir it after 5 to 10 minutes to get a smooth velvety texture to it


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ooo.. I can't wait to get mam - it's my 3rd week next week so should be able to get some then - yay!


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choc mint for me, i have 1 in a morning and 1 at night, both hot. might get 1 or 2 extras of them next week to try as a mousse, fav soup would be leek and potato but ive not tried them all yet. dont like the porridges anymore and the only bar i havent tried is peanut, dont mind all the others.


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I only have the vanilla shakes. Made with icey water out of freezer, can't have it any other way. It's lovely.
Had been having a malt toffee and peanut bar halved each night but have decided to stick with peanut for now as it has less carbs.


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so far it has to be hot choc and mint shake, and spicy tomato soup but havnt had all the soups yet


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oooo for me it has to be choc shake all the way ... i pour off the boil water into my fav hot choc mug add 1 sweetner then pour into jug, add pack of choc and whiz the hell out of it .. Mmmm thick frothy hot choc!
Oh and tetra right out the fridge :)

Pot and leek soup is passable so have that somtimes


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soup - oriental chilli
porridge - plain
bar - orange
shake - choc mint!!

i'm a bit of a porridge fiend personally!


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For me, I am not a big fan of the fruity shakes, soup I like the chicken and mushroom, porridge either is fine and I have at least one everyday, shakes: Choc or choc mint.
I make mine with a tray of ice cubes, a pint glass of water and whizz in a liquidizer until frothy and smooth, although sometimes I make custard (hot but with less water) or latte (coffee added to vanilla) and I know you're not supposed to anymore, but I make the chicken soup into a dumpling - making it up to a thick paste and nuking it for 30 seconds!!
I also love choc tetras frozen and eaten with a spoon as it melts.
Bars I love the chewy ones - but only choc, or malt toffee but caramel is my fave - remind me of fudge fingers in texture!
Not a massive fan of the dry bars, but I do prefer the cranberry!!

So far it seems Choc Mint is the runaway fave!!


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toffee and walnut! and butterscotch a close second! but i only have two of each for the next 2 weeks : ( so saving them.... didn't get any choc mint which is also good.


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Soup - Oriental chilli
Warm shake - Choc mint
Cold shake - Butterscotch (really cold!!)
Not had any bars yet but i used to love the crunchy ones.....


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I love the chocolate shake and the porridge is alright but I have it as it makes me feel like I'm eating something.


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Whats wrong with me- I more or less like everything! I must be a born glutton, ha ha!

Favourites change, soup wise though it tends to be vegetable, leek and potato, and tomato

Shakes - chocolate, banana, vanilla and cappuchino

Bars - sadly, I cannot be trusted with them other than one after weigh-in.

Like both porridges, original is favourite

Aren't I easily pleased?!