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Whats your incentive to get to goal?

just curious as to what everyone will treat themselves with once they hit their target weight?

For me its looking like it could now be a holiday for my 30th :D (only in the uk but still a holiday is a holiday lol)

and.... when i reach goal i get to have my new tattoo, been promising it myself for ages but have never had the time to go for it.
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Going to new York for my 21st :) I'm not paying OH is so its his treat lol

Also want to go Alton towers as never been able to fit on rides :)
I just want to feel good about myself, and know my son has a healthy mum.....although would like a massage as have a dodgy lower back since having Master T, but too embarrassed at the mo about back fat x
Originally, It was to be healthy. But now I am trying to get a TT on the NHS and need a BMI of 25 (mine was 27 when I saw the PS :( ).
To be able to go running regularly with my mucker here... :D

Steve S said:
To be able to go running regularly with my mucker here... :D

Ohh so cute! X
For me it's confidence. And I want to be able to go in to somewhere like Topshop and pick out anything I want and it fit and look good on me. And i am going to Glastonbury and hopefully on holiday this year and want to feel comfortable. And when it's hot I want to be able to just put a little dress on and not hide under layers of clothes!
It's just silly little things but it's what keeps me going..
ooh! I have a border collie too!

we're going to be going on some lovely long walks in the summer.

my motivation is I'm getting married in Las Vegas in September!! I cannot wait!! I've also booked a sky dive, so I need to be slim in order to do it.

my hen do is in the peak district at a place called 'go ape!' anyone ever heard of those places? they have zip wires, and cargo nets and all kinds of outdoor fun. I really need to be fit enough for that :)
chelly- tell me more!!! I'm excited about it! is it hard work fitness wise?
it is hard work but you just do what you can they dont force or put pressure on you to do anything you dont want to, but god you ache sooo much for like the next week afterwards lol it really is a brilliant day out.
oh I so want to go to go ape , there is one quite near us so hope to have a day there when I get to goal :)

Mine motivation was more despairation I think .. my 4 yr old took a photo of me ( in my album .. oh the shame ) which shocked me into admitting to myslef that I was morbidly obese and didnt want to be anymore !!

I have never been any less than a size 18 since I was about 11 and I just hit rock bottom . My children deserve a mum who can take them on fairground rides and run around with them , and i am now motivated by my massive desire to get to my goal weight and look in the mirror and see a whole new person :)
I found this post from last year during one of my failed restarts

But my biggest reason is want to stop putting my life on hold... I keep saying... I'll meet up with old friends when I'm thin, I'll go to pole fit with my friends when I'm thin, I'll go on a night out when i'm thin....

For nearly 5 years I've been saying this (and I'm only 26) Now my entire life hasnt been on hold but there is always something stopping me letting go fully.. I get on a plane and worry - am i going to have to ask for a belt extensioner... the food on the plane comes round but my tray doesnt sit flat, I immediately offer to hold my son so everyone else can eat and I dont have to try and pull my tray down, I dance somewhere - I immediately look around to see if anyone is laughing at the fat woman joggling about everywhere, I can't eat in public in case people look at me and wonder why I am eating because I'm fat enough, I refuse to go shopping with friends as half the clothes shops in our town dont do my size, I take my little boy to football and cant run around like all the other mum and dads, I dont want to get a spray tan anymore as it means being naked in front some one, I'm even as stupid to think that I can't get my nails done because i bite them and I don't want the beautican to think that I resort to eating my own fingernails cause I'm that fat and hungry...

I'm sat here in tears now, I've never admitted anyof this before to anyone. Anyone who meets me thinks that I'm some confident woman who doesn't give 2 hoots about what people think about her but it's all an act x

Now you would think that would motivate me , which it does however it gives me a long term goal which I always say... I'll start tomorrow, I lost 3 and a half stone last year for holiday but stupidly put it all back on so this Im back to slim down for a holiday, except the stakes are higher this year... We're going to Mexico on a dream holiday, it's cost us £3000 which is a whole lot more than I would ever dream of spending but you know what there is NO way that I'm going to let my fat a$$ make me waste £3000 on a holiday because I hate the way I look, so I created my diary... 123 days and 72lbs... This is now called 120 days and 62.5lbs as it reflects my journey to Mexico!!! That's what really motivates me!

I probably sound shallow as I'm more motivated by a holiday than being fit for my son but you have to start somewhere!!
Cause if I don't do it now I'll be fat forever

And also for my little boy. I want to be a yummy mummy!
My father has two artificial knees and this is linked directly to his being morbidly obese for many years. My knees might not be pretty... but they are the ones God gave me -- and I'd rather not have them cut out and replaced with aritificial ones.

I find the thought of going through what he has -- motivational to lose the weight and keep it off.

My son is a mean teenager and mocks my weight... I want ot weigh less than he does (and I should -- he is 5'10" and about 10 stone).

I find his mockery motivational (and that is why he does it).

My daughter is only 11 (nearly 12) and I remember being embarassed by my mother being overweight when I was a teen. I do not want her to feel that way about me.

I have a closet full of clothes I bought when I was at goal that I can nolonger wear.

I am planning to go and visit my family and friends in April -- I want to look the way I did the last time some of them saw me. Not have them think, "What a shame she was looking so good." And, because I am going to the US to see them... I want to feel like shopping and I do not want to buy "fat clothes".

I think I could go on and on... we all could.


P.S. Stokegal -- the holiday would be more fun for your son, if you were happy and active. It's a win/win!

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