When did you start having the veg drink mix?


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I'm on day one and absolutely freezing! I've had all my shakes for today, I'm thinking about having a bouillon drink to warm me up a bit, but my counsellor said not for the first 2 weeks. I did Cambridge before and can't remember leaving it for that long - is this right? It's the Marigold Bouillon drink I have though, not the Cambridge one - do you think it'll be ok?

Also, what the quickest people can go into ketosis, I already have that yucky taste in my mouth but didn't think ketosis could happen so quickly!!
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Hi Claire, I have no idea if we are allowed it or not, but just to say I'm on day 1 too, and I'm also freeeeeezing. I am sat wearing a coat, with a quilt over me, and the wood burner is blazing away! I'm going to bed in a minute to snuggle up with my hot water bottle.
S: 13st2lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st9lb(4.89%)
It's been ok. Had a chocolate tetra this morning and a leek and potato soup at tea time, and am about to have a toffee and walnut before bed. I'm freezing cold and have had soooo many pee's. Want to wake up and it be Saturday and be in ketosis! ow are you getting on?


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hello claire im on week 2 and had the bouillon drink from the start my cdc said it was ok and still lost 10lbs my 1st week so it seems ok x x


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Hi Claire,

I started CD in April last year and detested all the soups. This put me off the veg drink TBH. It has only been since November I decided to give it a go as I was missing 'savoury' things. I LOVE IT :D

When I get home from work of an evening, the beg drink is the first thing I have, followed by a shake or bar. It helps me to feel like I have had 'something' different other than a CD shake.

Give it a god hun, it lasts ages!

Hugs x x x


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sorry have never tried it not keen on soups hope someone comes along soon


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I had my first one yesterday, i think technically it is week two but it doesn't seem to affect people so why not.