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When did you start to feel better?


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I am about to embark on my ww journey (for the 2nd time!) after messing around with SW for ages. It is a great eating plan but just does not work for me...I always feel bloated and full and annoyed as it seems to not fit in with leaving the house.

Anyway, when I tried WW before I felt very liberated at being able to choose what I wanted to eat but I did eat a bit too much chocolate.

However (I will get to the point!) I was wondering how long it took you to feel better? At the moment I have 5 stones to lose and I feel generally very unwell as my diet is so poor. I have no energy, I sleep badly etc. Was anyone else like this at the start of their journey and how long til you felt better with more energy etc?

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Everyone is different, some might feel better just because they committed themselves for a full week to WW and lost weight for the first time in months or even years, for me when I realised I had lost my first stone I was so proud of myself for getting that far though not sure better would be the right word here.

The first time I really felt any better (not exactly better) but like I could actually see a difference in me overall, was yesterday. We have a long mirror on a wall in the hall just near the bathroom, and after I had a shower I looked in the mirror and though 'wow I do look thinner'. For the first time in quite a while a little smile pop onto my face.

My hubby and I left WW just after Propoints was introduced (thankfully never gained any weight while away though my hubby did) anyway recently we rejoined (about 3-4weeks ago), so maybe if I had stuck with it and not left I might have got to this point sooner, but that's ok I got here in the end...

My mum has a photo of me on facebook at my sisters wedding, and it was so revealing. Not sure if you can see it http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...10.431567.749885009.1586993295&type=1&theater
Needless to say I don't look like that anymore, and can say 100% that I WILL never look like that again, I was the fattest female at my sister wedding and looking back I'm so embarrassed by that photo.

I used to suffer with really bad migraines, and would get them every 3-5weeks sometimes 3 in a week (that happened about 4 times in my life the 3+ a week) also had a few blackouts and ended up getting told by a neighbour once that she had to bring me back into the house when I wondered into the street while having one of these blackouts.

I have had one migraine since February last year, I don't know why they stopped as I only started WW in July/August of last year, but I do know that my eating habits did start to change somewhat from February onwards and now I drink more water and make sure I eat regularly, plus I make sure I get a decent amount of sleep and don't eat to much junk (the one migraine I have had since February was caused by my eating 3 Mars ice-creams and 3-4 cornetto in one day, don't ask lol)

As said before, everyone is different and everyones bodies are different but for me the above works. I do exercise on my Wii and try to burn about 400-500 calories a day at the moment (which I am able to do while I have some free time on my hands between looking for a job and keeping the house in order) and making sure I eat food around the same times every day and making sure I have something to drink after exercising really helps me a lot too..

As far as energy goes, I think as soon as I started incorporating exercise into my daily routine after a couple weeks I noticed a difference in the amount of energy I had. I'm no athlete and will never be that fit but at least now I can walk to Upminster and up the long hill without stopping once or feeling like I want to die when I get to the top, it actually makes me feel really proud. I even did a 7mile walk for charity and felt fine after that and great because I was starting to get out and do more active things with my life (7miles may not be much to some but for me it was a lot)

Anyway sorry for going on a bit to much, and I wish you all the best for the future, and try cutting out chocolate for a few weeks the cravings will go down the longer you stop eating it, at least that's what I tell myself lol, oh and if you do need something one milkyway in a double pack is 3points if you do still feel the need for some chocolate and don't want to use a lot of points...

Good luck.
starting WW today

Hi ya,

I am starting today and have a long journey but know I'm going in the right direction.

I had a baby 12 weekd ago and now weigh 16st 13 so want to loose 5 stone. I think after a stone you will feel better. Dont quote me though!!

Good luck.



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I was a little like you. My diet was very poor with very little fruit or veg. It's not that I don't like it, just seemed a waste of time cooking it just for me (hubby doesn't 'do' veg). I had no problem sleeping though. Probably slept too much, I could lose an afternoon very easily.
I joined WW in January. Immediately stocked up on fruit and veg. Lunch used to be whatever I picked up on my home from work - chips, KFC etc...
These days it's veg soup or salad or roasted veg. Within a month I felt revived...better is the wrong word. I had energy and felt more alive. I now find that if I eat anything too fatty or stodgy, I feel lethargic. This isn't what spurred me on to keep going though. After the first month, I went through my wardrobe. Threw out anything that was too big and jumped for joy at what I could fit back into. That't the bit that has had the most positive effect for me. That and buying my first size 16 top for over 15 years.
S: 15st11lb C: 15st11lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I felt better once i had dropped a dress size...although it too me 2stone 5lbs to drop it! but its done and im now on my way to the next lower size :) still go to pick up 16s tho lol !Once people start to notice your weighloss aswell definatly makes u feel good! And i used to eat lots of fruit before but not in a "good" way used to have strawberrys with sugar and cream and tinned fruit with ice cream ect....naughty lol!!

im sure you will start to feel good soon :) good luck! x


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I felt better within about 2 weeks... the first week i felt quite hungry to be honest, which was probably partly to do with smaller portion sizes, and mostly to do with my brain!

My energy levels definitely picked up after about two weeks, my skin improved, and i felt happier within myself because i knew that i was making a positive change for the better.

Now if i have a bad day on the diet, for example yesterday when my diet went out the window at a work's bbq, i feel rotten afterwards, no energy, upset tummy etc, it's like my body is craving good food and nutrition now!

Hope that helps :)
well ive only been back on discover plan since tuesday and feel better already, have upped my drinking of water including much more salads and veg and i dont feel restricted and also weighed today and have lost 3 pounds so i feel better already :) have to say i have pushed myself on 3 very long walks but it all helps :) has spurred me on not to cave to the weekend of takeaways i ususally havex

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