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When do you eat yours???


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Since managing to get myself back into the delights of Sole source I have changed the way that I take my packs...
1st time round I always ate them at breakfast lunch and dinner times... and was successful in doing that.

This time around, I find myself having my first pack between 1pm and 3pm the second around 6pm and the third just before bed!

I also have a client who makes up 3 packs and eats them all at the same time as soon as she gets in from work!

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So I'm wondering... When do you eat yours????
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I used to have all of mine in the evening, that way I never felt deprived in anyway.

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I don't really have set times. I usually prefer to have the first one later rather than sooner ... but if it's a Uni day, then I'll have one before a lecture so my tummy doesn't make awful noises :eek:

I like having two courses for dinner (a soup and a mousse) but if it doesn't pan out that way, then I have a savoury veg drink as a thin soup and STILL have a mousse!

I'm a lot more flexible this time around.
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I'm like you, Ali, have first soup at lunch time, normally a shake about 6-7 and either crisps or a bar later on in the evening with a glass of Coke Zero - this is my chill out time when kids are in bed and can enjoy it more
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I'm a girl that likes routine so its 11am then 3pm for my Tetras and a mushroom soup at 8.

I have my first around 11am-12pm then one about 5pm and one later in the evening. For the last couple of weeks it was a chicken & mushroom soup after 9 while watching Hell's Kitchen. That programme just made me hungry if I didn't have a soup while I watched!
First one any time between 6-9am, second for lunch between 12-2pm, third for dinner between 5pm-7pm and the last between 10-1130pm. Thank goodness I get four!


Serial Dieter!
S: 118.3kg C: 113.7kg G: 80kg BMI: 36.7 Loss: 4.6kg(3.87%)
Anyone else???


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I have a tetra about 11, a bar at about 4 and then generally between 8 and 9 for my shake. Unless Im starving this never changes!


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no routine to mine. i try to have them all as late in the day as possible, unless i am tempted to cheat then i have a pack. if im busy then i have 1st one mid afternoon then a soup and bar together.... or a soup and mousse. i figure as long as i make it thru the day without eating crisps then all is good lol


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I only have choc tetras split in half and topped up with hot water, usually it works out that I have two choc drinks in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and two in the evening aswell as my 790 meal and flavoured water through the whole day, I have the odd bar in place of a tetra drink now and then.
I have to have them brekkie, lunch and dinner, 7.30, 12 and 5. My husband finds he has to do the same, and has two tetras in one glass or his dinner. they are the times when DS eats, so I find it easier to be having something myslef, otherwise I sit there drooling over his food!
I have a hot Chocolate Tetra as late as I can bare it...so around 10/11 latest...the water all day...get home from work around 4/5 and have my 790 meal...protein and veg...then have more water then my choc/orange mousse (mmmmmm)...then around 7 when i start felling peckish again I have my milk allowance (small yogurt) and then later still I have a peanut crunch bar...I feel full just typin all that...sound like loads!!


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I have my first drink at 6am (arghhh) as i start work at 7. I try and drink my 4 litres of water before lunch time and have my second drink at 12. ( i have decided to have soups for lunch this week as i find the cold water makes me colder) and i have my final soup at 6pm. If i find my tummy rumbling during the day or evening i have a glass of water and it goes away.


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I have a bar for elevenses when every one at work is eating biscuits so I don't feel deprived. Then a shake about 3 and one about 6.


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S: 191.2lb C: 176.6lb G: 147lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 14.6lb(7.64%)
BUT, as you can see from my ticker-I am not sticking to it very well, so maybe I need to change the times!!!

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