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when do you have your 3 or 4 packs?

ive not had anything to eat today yet and its quater past 3 is that bad or not? im trying to space them out as much as i can and when i feel really hungry i have a pack, is that ok??? or shold i be eating them at a set time a day, sorry for all the questions! :p
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needs a real kick in the
have one for breakfast definatly, i havnt had my second yet but thats because its shopping night, i will have no2 at tea time and no 3 when i get in tonight, but usually i try and stick to breakfast -9ish lunch - 2ish and tea 6-7. i find this helps and 6pints of water .
ive already drunk 1 n half litres today and ill drink loads more as im only drinking water and black coffee which im sooo happy i like! :D and yeah i do sometimes have one for breakfast butthe last 2 days got up late! oops ok will try and stick to more of a schedule :)


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I have a schedule!

10am Chocolate shake
1pm half a choc tetra topped up with hot water
2pm Other half of the choc tetra topped up with hot water
4.30pm half a choc tetra topped up with hot water
6-6.30pm Chocolate mint shake
8.15pm last half a choc tetra topped up with hot water

I've had this schedule for weeks on end now lol! Obviously if I am out and about I have to amend it, but it's worked well for me :) xx
wow you live on just choccy stuff?!


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I guess it gives you the buzz normal chocolate does! My schedules going to be breakfast at 7am or half past depending on time I get up for work, lunch at 1pm and tea at 5pm.
mine will be something like shake 9am soup 2pmish sometimes split it in half, then porridge when i need it, probably when family are eatin their dinner about 7ish but u can split that too, its all trial and error
I have half a Choc mint shake at 8am, half a choc orange shake at 10.30am, half a Choc mint shake at 1pm, half a choc shake at 3.30pm, half a choc orange shake at 6pm and half a choc shake at 8.30pm. I never used to eat chocolate at all, wasn't a fan of it, but the choc shakes are all I ever have....
just out of interest have you guys ever tried the porridge or the soups?
fYep tried the porridge once and I hated it, tried all the soups too, liked them at first but after week 3 I couldn't eat them anymore, they all tasted yuk...
oh dear even the apple and cinnamon one? i find thats not toooo bad and im not a huge fan of the soups but i quite like the chiken and mushroom and the mushroom, still undecided on the vegtable hate the tomato, and god help me i have 1 brocolli and cheese to eat sometime soon :S and most pole say that its sooo vile :S
I only have choc tetras, although do like the choc mint, but have run out. Generally have choc tetra between 10 and 12. Then another between 2 and 4.
Then either choc mint or tetra between 6 and 9.
Also not a major choc person generally, liked porridge and soups are okay. Thing is I adore the tetras and if I have a porridge or soup I miss the tetras.
hehe i might try going a week on just shakes just to see... they are a bit easier to make too, can u have the tetras all day everday or a set amount a day?


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I have my porridge at about 9:30am, shake around 1:30 and last shake about 5:30-6pm. And im starving lol
mum 2 4 try splitting everything in half that way u have 6 "meals" not 3 :)
silly question how do you split them.... I can image it difercult as its powder I wouldnt no how much to put in and leave????


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silly question how do you split them.... I can image it difercult as its powder I wouldnt no how much to put in and leave????
I nearly always split my shakes- I use 1 pint water per shake so 1/2 pint water and just guess the amount of 1/2 the pack for a 1/2 shake.
and u can do that for the soups and porridge too :)
I have a bar for breakfast at 7.30 then a chocolate shake at noon or 1ish and then a chocolate brick at 4 pm...go home and have a high protein meal and veg for dinner and of course loads of water throughout the day!
S xx
I split my shakes and I weigh half the pack into a jug, its approx 18g of powder to half a shake. Not sure about the others as I dont have them...

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