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When do you know when you have lost enough??

Probably a question more for target members really??

When I started SW I didn't have a goal in mind for my target - just wanted to shift some weight for my holiday (in about 3 weeks time). Anyway - I set myself a challenge on the Happy for Holiday thread so I would have lost 3 1/2 stone - last night I got my award from group for just that :D

I am now weighing in at 10 stone 8 & am happy with my loss of course but carn't help think - oh i want a few more lb's off yet !!

People are asking me about my loss saying they think I am looking really lovely as I am & that I really shouldn't loose anymore weight now - but I see myself & think, oh yeah I want more shifted from here & a little bit from there.

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks & from the start have thought that once my weight loss steadies - ie I maintain for a few weeks then i'd take it as my bodies way of saying - yep i'm at target. But as i'm still having losses then for me I am not there yet.

I don't see myself as "skinny" by any means - yet the woman at college are going on about my legs being really skinny - last week I was main topic of conversation!! :rolleyes: At group each week - i get people on to me saying surely you can't have much more to loose now - you are fine as you are, you should take target etc.

I do worry sometimes that I maybe getting slightly obsessed with weight loss & maybe i'll never be really happy with my weight.

So for those of you who are - & those that have gotton to target - how did you know that's where you wanted to be??

(sorry for the huge ramble btw!! x)
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This is such a personal thing, but just to reassure you a little on other people. I am approaching target, and like you am thinking about perhaps moving it slightly. Almost everyone who comments on my weight says I have lost enough now and shouldn't lose anymore. Being fair to them I think this is because they are used to seeing me so much bigger that I DO look thin to them, but if a stranger saw me in the street they would see me as approaching 'normal'.

Maybe you can judge it by clothes size- what clothes size would you like to comfortably be and what size are you at the moment? What is a healthy BMI range for your height and where do you fit on the scale? Are there bits of your body that you feel need to lose weight but others that you are happy with, so just need to tone up a bit?

My only advice is not to listen to other people who have known you for a while- your appearance is so different to them they can't be objective, and sadly you may even get people trying to sabotage your journey because they are jealous of your success and new attractiveness.

As long as you are in a healthy weight range and still want to carry on, then you have to decide for yourself what YOU truly want

Good luck



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I think its personal choice! as long as you never go under the lowest weight for height (health reasons wise) then i think you should do what you think is best for you... at group I look at people (never say anything) and think wow they don't need lose anything else, but in saying that i dont see under those clothes and they might see something different to what I do and come along way to get to that stage! ...

maybe try toning excersises aswell as staying at target to see if its just a little toning that needs doing before you go in to lose more?

well done on achieving your goal :) be very proud of yourself getting that!! and have a fantastic slimmer holiday :)

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