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When do you start you week?


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Might be a silly question but...

my weigh in is on a Monday evening, on my way home I normally stop for chinese for our tea and start my week from Tuesday. Recently ive had 2 gains, the 1st was 1/2lb as I had been on a hen do and the 2nd was 1lb which im not sure how this happened as I saved all my syns through the week so that me and the B/F could have Pizza Hut on the Friday, I do weigh my self on my own scales during the week just to keep me going, and last week they did not move at all which makes me think it was because of the chinese on the Monday.

Do you think I should be starting a fresh from Tuesday or would you include the syns from Monday night?

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well my wi is on wednesdays and then after that i have a chocolate much and then start again on thursday,


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I have WI on a Weds, then start my diet on a Thursday morning.

I know however, that if I stopped losing, I could cut it out and start on Weds night.

Also, I never have more than 10 syns a day, leaving me 35 extra syns for my blowout, so most weeks it comes within my allowance anyway.

Emma xXx


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I WI on Wednesdays and my week starts on Thursday.
I don't treat Wednesday as a treat day though. It's just like any other day.


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Since ive started ive had 70 syns a week, I still have about 1-2 stone to loose, so hopefully will keep loosing and not have to reduce my syns. :-(


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I don't have a set day of not eating to plan unless there is a special occasion. I always have a jacket potato in the oven when we get back from WI so food optimising is continous for me other than birthdays, holidays and high days. I am trying hard not to think of take aways as treats because otherwise I would always want one. Hope that makes sense


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I weigh in on Friday morning's - and as soon as I have logged onto my tickers and my signature on here and changed my stats, then my week begins again....
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My week is from thursday till wed lol.. wednesday evenings dont exsist and i'l have what ever the hell i like, ... i always have a takeaway after Wi on wednesday eve, but usually eat the things i miss during the week.. like snickers icecreams, cereals (dont judge me LOL).. or what ever else might be in the fridge LOL

Now, the only problem with this is, dont get content! .. my ' wednesday nights dont exsist' motto ever so slowly became.. wednesday afternoons.. all day wednesdays... and then all day wednesdays AND tuesday evenings. .. all because i always said by tuesday, what ever i may weigh come 6:30 wednesday, i cant change .. so no matter how good i was tues eve/ wednesday daytime would do nothing to help/worsen that.. if you get me.

well.. it may not do on the day, but the amount of syns i eat on a wednesday night alone, meant soon enough those wednesdays days and tues eves caught up on me. Now im good all day wed and only blow out wednesday eves. . and im back to loosing like i did before i got complacent.

:) mm i do love wednesdays. x


Desperate to be slim!
You're right Fern... it can soooo easily get out of hand.

I even go as far as putting the jacket potato in the oven, grating the cheese (HEXA) and putting the beans in the pan before WI, and then I can eat asap when I get home.

After my jacket potato, I then have whatever I want to eat and drink, usually more drink than eat, as I'm full from my JP.
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it really can get out of control, i always start afresh thursday, and be good as gold but if i can be almost at target and still let it get out of hand then you can see how easy it is!!!, once id realised what i was doing (explains the good few weeks, of crap losses or gains) .. i got my ass in gear and shifted 3lbs, and then another 1.5lbs the week after, reached target, got my 4 and half stone an d never felt better.

... im much more carful now!! .. but i do love me wednesday nights tehehe lol x


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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when i was doing ww i used to get weighed in on a wed and after eat whatever i could find startin on the thurs morning again but since i started sw it for some reason has been different , it hasnt felt like piggin out as most of what i have been eating when i come back from tue night wi is free on ee plan reallly bizarre how both plans work but have totally different approaches . think sw is def the more sensible of the 2 :p
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I've always been a Monday person cos I find it keeps me on the straight and narrow over the weekend, but I never think of having treats for the sake of it on a Monday night etc. I weigh in and then just carry on as normal till the next week. I would almost feel as if I were mocking the diet if I were to have a takeaway after weighing etc and thats not what I am trying to do. I want to loose the weight I carry around with me without trying to get away with slipping in what I call real naughties just after weighing because I think I have a week to put it right again. If I wanted a take away or something I would flippin well have one, but it would be on my terms and planned and accounted for, not snook in on a Monday night like a crafty fag behind the bike shed thinking I can get away with it. You can get away with it most of the time, but when you get caught out on those scales, how does it make you feel to have a gain? Is the takeaway etc so exciting and tasty then, I don't think so, so don't want to go there. Sorry if this sounds like a rant, it isn't, just finding it hard to say what I mean.


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I weigh in on a tuesday. I just find that unlike alot of folk ( the young nubile ones GNASH!) I cannot get away with having a blowout after class. All calories count and I have to stick strictly to the plan to lose weight.

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