when do you take yours? whats best


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I think it's generally best to take your tablet as close to your meal as possible. The idea being that Xenical only works on the food you're eating at that particular mealtime.
If you forget to take your tablet straight away, you can take it up to about an hour after your meal, but there's not much point after that, as your food will be well on its way to being digested.

Some people find it useful to take their tablet before or at the start of their meal as an added incentive to stay on track. You don't get so tempted to 'cheat' and have deserts/fatty foods when you've already taken your tablet, because it means you'll pay for it later on the loo!


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10 mins before a meal. That's what i do. :)


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I take mine after the first few bites of a meal. Then it's in there to stop me overeating during dinner!


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I take mine just before I start to eat , I don't know if it's a mental thing but once I've taken it I know I can't cheat eat for fear of side effects.


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I take mine after a few bites xx


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Before I start eating. Unless I forget, then after :p (as long as it's less than an hour)


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when ever i remember.... sometimes its before and sometimes its after.. but its usually before.