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When does your brain catch up...

This isnt strictly a CD thread so I hope you dont mind me hijacking the forum but since there are more people on CD now at or near goal then I figured it was the best place to ask....

Since January Ive lost 72lbs :) Im still (very) overweight by anyones definition of the word but Im getting there.

When I started this diet I couldnt really get into any Evans stuff. Now the top few sizes are actually too big :bliss: I just cant get used to it! I ordered some nice new pjs online the other day and they arrived yesterday I automatically ordered the biggest size available - and theyre MUCH too big theyre falling off me lol

How long did people find it took for their brain to catch up with their weight losses. How long does it take for it to sink in that youre not the size you were.

I KNOW Ive lost all this weight, I can feel such a difference in my health, and thats another thing... I STILL keep going to take the car places cos 'Its too far' No its not, it used to be too far but Im over 70lbs lighter - now its not too far!

Will my mind ever really catch up with my diminishing weight?? Or am I always going to have this mindset :)
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It's supposed to take your brain 4 months to catch up with every stone you lose......

but I personally don't think you ever really let go of the fat person you once were. If people look at me in the street, I still think they're whispering how fat I look.

You can be showered with compliments but the feelings still persist (or is that just me lol).



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No definitely not just you Isabelle...

I typed this on another thread yesterday asking pretty much the same thing, so excuse the copy / paste!

It really does take an awful long time to get used to, and I'm still not there three and a half years after first reaching target, but I'm definitely better.

My other half used to tell me I was narcissic for looking at myself in every shop window as we passed at every angle I could. Nooooo - I was wondering who *that person* was! I have walked into Evans more times than I can tell you, and then "remembered"...

At some point in your weight loss, though, someone has to tell you when to stop, because you mightn't see it yourself. I had set 11 stone as a target (I'm 5'6"), but realised when I got there that it wouldn't be enough for me; so I lowered my target to 10 stone 7lbs; I was delighted to get there, then turned my attention to 10 stone... you can see where this could have gone.

My other half wisely advised me to stop; get used to it, then move down a little if I wanted to... I'm grateful to him for that because I really don't know how far I might have pushed it as I still don't see myself as being slim (ok I'm less slim at the moment due to stopping my other vice - smoking!!).

So be kind to yourself, and listen to others...


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This thread is so sad. You have all done so well to lose so much weight yet find it hard to believe and accept. I think it goes to show just how much damage can be done to your self esteem and confidence by being unhappy about your weight.
I know people who have lost a lot of weight and now when I try to think of what they used to look like I cant. I can only see what they are like now. Maybe some of you should try to do that it might help? This is how others see you.
Enjoy the new you(s) Youve worked so hard to get to where you want to be...be proud.
Best wishes


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Coming up 18 months since I finished the diet and still not me in the mirror!!



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its finally dawned on hubby ow much weight hes lost, its taken him 8 weeks lost 4 stone and yesterday he put on a pair of pants and they were so huge on him we went to town and he spent a fortune on new stuff, before yesterday he kept saying "ill just tighten my belt etc" and even t-shirts and tops he wouldnt believe he was no longer an xxl :D


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I stopped and worked up the plans and have been on anything from 1200 - 1500 lately, I wanted to maintain and let my brain catch up. Today I got up and thought yes ive still a few pounds to lose so back on ss and move a bit more. I do think when people have a lot to lose they should stop and maintain for a while so that you have time to adjust. I think the hardest part is going back to ss. I agree with everyone else it is hard to see the new you and i have more fat days than thin days. If its any consolation my daughter is 6ft and a model size 8 she has never been overweight and says to me doesnt matter who you are you have fat days and thin days. She also has days when clothes fit better than others. So you see folks we are perfectly normal.:scale: :D

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