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When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year...


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I just wanted to say, that if you're finding it tough going...if the not eating thing is driving you up the wall - if other people are wafting temptation your way and your breath smells and you only lost a 1lb this week...well - this is my 2nd long term attempt at a VLCD (with two short lived attempts in between) I whinged, I moaned, I went out for dinner, I made up excuses...I had a hard time too. I got fed up of everyone saying that I'd put it all back on and they'd told me so and then I thought...'You know what? I did it before. I can do this again. Do I want this enough to put myself throough all that again?' My mum saw me the day before I started and she said 'How long before you come off it this time?' And I said '5 months' back then I wasn;t sure...didn't even know if I could get through the first two weeks. Oh boy I fought and had to trick myself into it.

But here I am at Day 115...I'm not too proud to say that I screwed up the first time. But that's never the be all and end all - you can keep doing this till you get it right.


This is how happy I am today. It was taken at about 6.30pm - all I had had to eat all day was a peanut crunch and a billion cups of Earl Grey. Do I look unhealthy? Tired? Washed out? Wasted? Hungry?

No...I look like ME!

Keep going and whatever you do - be you.

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Nearly there...
You're really pretty! And glowing! And yep, very wise words...
Sauce xx


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Cheers Sauce! My cheekbones came back!

Michelle...I looooove Friends. I wish it had gone on forever. I really miss it...

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
You look fantastic and look forward to reading your blog later when I get home from work!
Well done!x


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Cerulean, you're amazing. I always look out for your posts (STALKER!!!) You talk sense - I like that !!


Happiest Girl :D
I love hearing your posts and seeing your smiling face Sarah, I love the positivity you bring here, your like a motivational speaker :D


Must do it this time
Well done hun,you look great and i too love your posts :)


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Thanks Carla...I think I'm a bit of a Sergeant Major 'Shut up and get on with it YOU'RE NOT HUNGRY! I DON'T CARE IF YOU ONLY LOST 1LB!' - but hey - that works for some people ;) There are plenty of lovely gentle people around for that kind of support!! - Gawd you're so skinny nowwwww...It's nice to have you there that couple of months ahead of me to give me something to aim for...

Timsmom - I love your avatar - as a child my mum would buy me Mr Men books instead of sweets. Problem is now I have my own money I buy books as well as sweets ;) - stalk away all you like - I'm a performer, I love having an audience :)

Elaine - that's lovely of you to say...thank you.

Lil legs - darn right lady we can all do this! - if I can fall off the wagon 3 times and get right back on it, so can anyone. I'm a proud proud stubborn old cow and it took me ages to admit to Minimins I'd screwed right up - but hey - look at me know!

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