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when should i eat ??!!

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i have just an a converasation with my OH - as im not too happy with my weight loss so far.. its taken me 2 weeks to lose 7lbs which i know its good! but others seems to losing faster.

he mentioned that it could be becuase i never have my "meals" at the same time from day to day and this could be a reason as to why my weight is dropping as much as it would if i had my meals at the same time everyday.

does everyone have their meals at the same time or similar everyday.. cause mine at very different esp on a weekend..?

any thoughts on this would be great!!
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I have mine at 8am, 12pm and 4pm (i go to bed very early, which is why i can cope with the last one being so early!), but it took me a good 3 weeks to get into this routine and before that i'd have them all over the place. 7lbs is good considering your BMI- i lost 8lbs the past 2 weeks but my BMI is over 40. If it was your first two weeks i'd expect a little more but if you were already eating low-carb before (?) or even eating healthy that will have a big impact as you won't have the big loss of water/bowel full of food waste to lose that a lot of people get.


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I have bar @9ish, shake @ 3 then soup no later than 7! HTH x

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i have my packs at different times every day ..make absolutely no difference i think you might find...Not everyone loses huge numbers in the first few weeks hun...you might have a 4lb loss this week which is brill..its horses for courses i think xx
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The weight loss to expect from exante is 14lbs per month. 7lbs every two weeks sounds right to me, don't worry, you're on the right track. There's also no point in comparing your losses with others, everyone is different.


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I'm not very good at routine, so mine are definitely at different times each day, some days I've had all 3 by 2pm (those days are really long in the evening!)


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I have my bars at different times which us always the first thing I have each day.

If I'm working all day I have a bar at about 2pm, soup at 6pm and shake at about 11pm. And the same if I'm on a half day early.

If I'm on a later shift half day or I'm off I will have a bar at about 11am, same times for the soup and shake.

I don't personally think it makes too much difference because the calories are still 600 a day.


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I don't think it matters. Everyone is different and I've not had massive losses week in week out but I've still seen the results! Stick with it and try not to read to much into everything it WILL drive you crazy! Everyone says I'm a 'diet bore' lol it's all I talk about :)
Hi ya I have mine at these times

Shake at 9.30-10 am after school run

Vegetable bouillon with curry powder at 2pm

Shake at 4.30 with kids at dinner

Shake at 8pm with hubby at his dinner time

Working out good xxx

Sam x
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I work shifts, and have mine at various times of the day, according to what shift I am on.... even the middle of the night, when I am night shift :)
I dont think it makes any difference at all :)


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I cut my bar in half and have a shake at 8 half a bar at 12 half a bar at 4 and soup at 8 x

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