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When should you support some one on here???

HI just liked to know when you should support someone on here when they have lost weight at a weekly weigh in or when they have had a slip up and cheated cause according to some ppl i shouldnt be doin the diet cause ive cheated i would like to think thats when you support someone more to help them back on their journey not judge them i support everyone weather they have had a slip up or a loss so i would say ..........you should support someone in everyway possible:)
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I will be skinny again!!!
Support people when ever they need support.. no matter the reason!

For some one to have said to you you should be doing the diet because you have cheated is bang out of order

on the other hand though, some people do feel very strongly about people caving in and eating.. but the way they voice their opinions is the difference!

Dont let it get you down chick xxx
I know what you're getting at and mostly agree with you. I think ppl get sick of those who constantly pick.

I think what is important is to know yourself. I've failed this diet many times because I've been too hard on myself for caving in. Now I realise that I dont have to hit the ground running -as long as I settle into it before long I'll get there. I am now at my 'no pick' stage, and am delighted to be so. I dont read the 'Oops..' thread all the time because if I'm struggling, seeing that someone else has eaten makes me feel like its ok to do it as well. That's warped I know but that's me.

Maybe people cant read the cheat threads because they're struggling with their own urges.

The ultimate message of your thread is spot on though -support no matter what!!
the way they voice their opinions is the difference!
I think that's it! People are entitled to an opinion but not to sit in judgement or condemnation.

Also, no one here is Lipotrim God, with the right or the power to judge ANYONE on how they make it or break it through their lipotrim journey.

I've allowed negativity, my own and other's, to knock me off before but not this time people...NO WAY! :D


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It's a support forum - whether you've done good or bad - we all need support in different ways - that's why we post.

I think it's Jan that always says it's a journey.

For me a journey can take some people no time at all, while others are happy to go at their own pace. As long as we reach the destination that's all that matters.

I always take one day at a time. No-one ever said it was easy.
Nicely put.


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Who told you you shouldnt be doing the diet?

They may have said something like assess whether you really want to carry on with it but i cant see anyone on here telling you you shouldnt be doing it!

Support goes both ways chick - whether you have failed or whether you are suceeding.

Some people (me being one) do feel very strongly about people picking/cheating/caving whatever you want to call it and so im speaking for myself here but when i give support for those who have picked/cheated i am giving constructive criticism.

The main thing to think is what do you want more? to be slim or to have that bit of food?
In my opinion I think dieting is very very hard to do, especially if you have tried lots of times it never works as good as the first time. If it was easy we would have no need for forums like this. I think people should be supported regardless of how many times they slip up, they are only cheating themselves at the end of the day and who are we to judge. I like to treat people as I would like them to treat me and life is tough for everyone and an act of kindness can go a long long way. Also some people have no one else they can turn to I am sure most of us have the jealous family and friends who try to sabatage our efforts.....think what I am trying to say is I would support anyone who needed my support....xx


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Well as I see Im on here to support anyone, those that cheat, only let themselves down, but they usually acknowledge this themselves and make the effort to get back on track and that on this diet takes some guts. I dont think anyone should sit in judgement cos anyone could so easily slip up. Sometimes there might be a friendly kick up the backside but that's because I feel that everyone wants everyone else to succeed x:p:p:p:p


Here we go again!
I try to support people as and when but I'm not always sure what to say to people who have had a blip cos I've not done it and don't want to give rubbish advice. I always try to be positive but sometimes feel I can't advise cos I've not been through what that person is going through. I wouldn't advise on something I know nothing about.


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I would never say that people who 'lapse' shouldn't be on this plan - it's entirely up to them how they cope with their own journey.

However you won't see much, if any, support from me on the threads that talk about it. That's because I avoid them wherever possible. I AM still completely strong, determined and focussed but I'm not taking any chances.

I know there are loads of others who will give their great support so assume my tuppence worth won't be missed ... this is MY way of coping - I just don't think about food unless it's absolutely unavoidable.

I can happily sit with people while they eat in restaurants or at home if I have visitors. But this is only occasionally and when it's just me & DH I leave him on his own and avoid the situation.

So may I here and now apologise to all of you for NOT supporting the blips ..... take it as a failing in me to be unable to cope with reading about them all. :( xx

Monique I have been on this site for 3 weeks now and just the fact that everyone responds to my threads (rubbish or not) is the best support I could have been given.

If you want to support anyone regarding anything to do with this diet then i can tell you your already a winner in my book. This site needs people like you.

If everyone was perfect and stayed 100% with it then we wouldnt need the site would we.

Keep posting.
We are all here doing the same thing for exactly the same reason, to lose weight.

I have not had a blip yet so like Jan I do avoid making criticism on this subject because I don't feel I am in a good position to comment.

I have thrived on the support from this forum, and reading other people's threads, it is what is keeping me going everyday, even if I don't post or comment.

We all have an opinion on how we see things, and as long as these opinions are not offensive to others, we are all entitled to offer our support where we feel it is needed.

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