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When to take your sachets

Is there a set rule for taking your sachets - should they be evenly spaced, have at least 4 hours between each one or anything like that?

I've been having my first shake in the morning at between 7.30 and 8. But I haven't managed to gear myself up to make a shake at work (which is why I want to try the soup and/or flapjack as I think these would be a lot easier - nobody would bat an eyelid if I had these at work).

I've been guzzling water all day which keeps me full and I haven't felt especially hungry until I start making my shake when I get honme from work which is about 6.30 to 7.

And then I am having my last shake between 9 and 10.

It has worked quite well as it has meant I haven't felt tempted to snack as I have been having two meals once I have got home.

Is it okay to have my sachets like this though or should there not be such a big gap between my first and second one? :confused:
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Hi Julie, I'm not too sure - I think an equal amount of time between shakes would be better, but I'm really not sure.

I have mine at 11am - 4pm - 8pm - this seems to work for me - I dont feel hungry in the day, like you - but when the other half gets home around 6ish, which normaly be time for a nice meal together, thats when it gets me at the mintute. And them seeing him tuck in to a nice hot meal... :(
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I'm in the same position Julie, I don't really want to broadcast to my workplace that I'm doing it but I'm going to bring in the soup, pop off and make my soup in a bowl and eat like normal-possibly my face grimincing will give it away but ah well!!

Love daisy xx
Curlylow - my biggest problem is the evening. I'd be alright on my own I think but Neil is scoffing everything at the moment, especially as there is quite a lot of food round after Christmas and New Year. I bet he thinks I'm a right moody cow (and I am snappier than normal) but I have to keep leaving the room as I almost get fixated when he is eating! :eek: He was eating Pringles earlier and it would have been so easy to 'just have one'!

Daisy - that is precisely why I want to try the soups, and try my best to like them! I just think it would be a bit more socially acceptable at work. I had soup quite a lot for lunch before Lipotrim so I don't think anyone would even notice that it isn't something so nice as M&S Leek and potato soup (mouth watering - oops!) My OH, Neil, is still the only one who knoes I am doing Lipotrim - I think once I shifted a significant bit of weight I might feel mor able to tell people but I certainly don't want it on the newsletter at work!!

I'm glad I have you guys to moan at. ;)

Love Julie xx
S: 19st9lb
Anytime! The reason I don't want my work crowd to know is cos they know me as happy, funloving me you know and they'd tell me I was crazy doing it and go into negitives. Also I get on famously with my boss and we moan about our weight together but she sees Lipotrim as really bad cos her sis had a bad experiance, my job requires a lot of energu and I don't want her to feel that I'm not up to it if I'm doing this. My friends at home know, thank god cos I need somebody to know and they understand cos they've seen me upset times etc.
Sorry about the life story!!!

This site and everyone on it make LT possible!


Back on the wagon!
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I didnt want my work to know I was on LT so I used the flapjacks for lunch and found them great....out of the wrapper they look pretty "normal" and can be eaten without any notice!! Worked for me 4 ish months!
Just take them when you feel the need, I just took them like normal meals. At breakfast, lunch and dinner time

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