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When!!! *updated*


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thought i'd go and try on all my size 14 trousers/jeans to see if any fit yet. I started SW as a big 16/small 18 and am now 30lbs lighter. BUT still don't fit in a 14!! argh!! Why is it taking me so long!! :( I'm feeling sad now because I feel as though I barely changed in all this time and am still the heffer I was in June! :( xxx


So after my moan yesterday, I thought, sod it, 30lbs is great, it'll happen eventually. This morning I put on a pair of New Look s14 jeans, and they fit! They fit enough for me to sit down and i have a little "muffin top" but that's easily sorted with a flowy top lol. Sorry for my rant hehe :) And huge thanks for all the support! Xx
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30lbs is fantastic, I dream of losing that.

Just be a little more patient with yourself, i'm sure in no time you will be prancing in front of the mirror looking at you bum in those trousers lol, maybe xmas, what a present that would be :D

Don't be sad be happy at what you have lost, keep smilin hun x
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I'm in agreement with soccermom, 30lbs is over 2 stone. That's an achievement in itself.
The size 14's will fit in time just keep on going.
Look at what you HAVE achieved, not what you have left to achieve. xx


slow but steady!
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great loss so far you will be in them in no time! :)

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I am a similar weight too you and havr the same problem. I found that I have been in a size 16 since I was about 14stone and am now 12stone 6. Been smaller than this and STILL been in a size 16. My goal is to get to 11.7stone because surely by then, I will be a size smaller.

Like the others have said, it will come off, you're not that far off :) xx
S: 13st7lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
A few years back I lost a lot of weight and after I had been on my diet for a few months, my cousin joked that I had lost a stone off my face! That's where I seem to lose it before anywhere else lol


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks so much everyone. Its just so frustrating sometimes. All this effort and i don't see any difference :( I guess there has to be, 30lbs doesn't go from nowhere! Lol. Thankyou for all the replies! *hugs all round!* xxx
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JJ just think which shop they are from - there are lots of posts on here talking about how we are one size in one shop and another size in another one. Also as the others have said 30lbs is alot, give yourself a break you are doing realy well.
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Somtimes hon, it comes off the places you want last.

i wanted smaller boobs so bad when i started, that i was actually on a wiating list to be concidered for a reduction under the age of 18.

BUT with my weight, he told me i'd have to lose to be concidered.

And did you know, it took me 1 year and 4 months to get to T. Is started off a 38 GG... and when i had just 5lbs left, i got sized up, and i was still 36FF. i was gutted. i'd lost over 4 stone and still, id got massive boobs.

then, out of no were, in the matter of a month, the last month of my entire 'weigh LOSS' i dropped to a 32 E - :eek:

I was stunned. And i just couldnt bloody believe it! All that time it was all i'd wanted, and then in a month, after so much work..

So. Like the others have said. you havnt just lost 30lbs of thin air, its gone from somewhere. (most likley were you least wanted it) if im honest i bloody wish i'd taken measurments.. i didnt and gosh do i regret it! its such a confidence boost when you need it the most.

It'l happen. those size 14's will be yours in no time. x

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