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When you feel your getting it tough... how do you turn it around?

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I usually look at a photo of myself before I started LT, and then think "if I eat now, I will ruin everything and take myself back to THIS"

I think it's good to visualise what you'll look like once LT is done, and how people will respond to the 'new you', I like to see myself being physically fit, physically active, and hopefully having a love life! lol

I also weigh myself daily, as it is a really big motivation drive for me to see the pounds melting away daily, and I always think "I wonder what my weight will be at tomorrow", and that way it makes every day count :)


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There's only been a couple of times so far where I've been tempted (which surprises me, I normally don't have any willpower!) Once was when I was poorly right at the start, on day 4 I got the norovirus and when I felt a bit better all I wanted was toast and tea!

What keeps me going is the fresh memory of how hard it was to get into ketosis, and the fact if I eat now, I've buggered it up and I could be right back at the start. Then I've usually convinced myself it just isn't worth it.

I still think at the end of each day 'another day done' and go to bed thinking of nice food I'll cook when I'm done. When I wake up, I get up and weigh myself, and sometimes go back to bed feeling virtuous and thinking how nice it'll be when I'm slim.
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Today I have a massive headache, miserable children (because one of them refuses to sleep at night time and wakes us all) and all I want to do is eat marmite on toast and have a cup of tea with milk and sugar. But I wont because this morning I tried on a dress I havent worn since before I had my second daughter and the feeling was immense when it fitted (albeit a little tight). That feeling will keep me going over the next couple of months and each time it i take out a new bit of clothing from storage and it fits I will realise why I am doing this mad mad diet.

Woot woot we are fab! We can do it and will do it! xx
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I am just always telling myself to focus on the day in hand...not to think about the weeks ahead. It's working for me at the moment. If I consider the weeks to complete, I will talk myself out of doing this!!
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I am just always telling myself to focus on the day in hand...not to think about the weeks ahead. It's working for me at the moment. If I consider the weeks to complete, I will talk myself out of doing this!!
Absolutely agree with you Jax, one day at a time x


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i look at what Ive achieved never at what i haven't achieved,and this forum as helped so much as i always come away knowing its worth it in the end:)

xx Cathy xx

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I'm still a newbie as far as time is concerned and I feel really down thinking it could take around 5-6months to shift the 6 stone I need to. But in my wardrobe I've got loads of "thin clothes" and some still with tags on from last time I did LT. When I gained loads of weight I refuse to spend alot of money on clothes I don't feel happy in so these jeans etc I'm in now are going to be thrown away with all my other "fat clothes" as soon as I'm getting into the smaller ones!

Another thing that I'm finding motivating is I'm going to a friends wedding in July and already have a size 12 dress from last time I can wear so I keep visualising me in the frock and wowing all the friends I haven't seen in ages.


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i've written myself a little letter for the expected hard times.. think of it like, p.s i love you lol, but only for weight loss. kinda like.. hi, so your on day 5 now, well done for getting this far, if your finding it tough think of the reasons you started this, on day one you were feeling inspired to change your life etc etc. a little crazy, but working!