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When you want something badly enough

Know exactly what u mean i wanna wake up and see a BIG difference!
My goal is to be in the 15s by october! Findin it hard now tho!
Keep at it we will get there xx


please try again
my next goal is the 10% body weight loss, bout another 16lb away
Meh, I bought Shaun White Snowboarding and the cheeky f*@$ing game said I was too heavy to play! So I cheated it and lay my stomach on it, so my full weight wasn't on the board lol :D

lol i dont think i can get away with that, mine just laughs at me and tells me to get off your too heavy!!! only 3 months or so and i will be on it and i will be the one who is laughing at it!!!! i enjoy playing on it tho, its quite amusing and interesting with the black eyes when playing tennis or swimming!!!!

on a whole the family has had a few injuries from the Wii games :eek:
Jackie - you only have 3 lbs to go to 16 stone, so 4lbs and you'll be 15st 12 and in the 15s :)

I'm 16 stone exactly on my CDCs scales so I'm also looking to get into the 15s this week, a single teeny tiny lb would do it :)

I get my next target is under 220 on my CDCs scales. I'm 216 on mine at home so I've already achieved it at home.
My first goal is to get under 400lbs, which I hope wont take too long. Just 29lbs to lose! I have not been in that weight range for over a year, so it's a good start. I also like the idea of the 10% thing. Reminds me of when I used to go to SW, back in the day when you got a fridge magnet for your achievement.

You will defo get to under 200lbs by then. Good luck! x


Happiness in a shake!
Oohhh you will deffo be under the 200lb mark soon hun, keep going.
I didn't know you could be too heavy for the wii fit?!!!! My husband offered to buy me one for my birthday, thank god I said no!
My goal still remains the same, to get pregnant asap!!!
My next goal is to get to a BMI of 25, closely followed by being in the 9's for the first time in years!
My next goal is to be in the 12's!! and i cant wait lol *how sad*

Megan..i know how you feel my luv it seemed like i was hovering around the 200 pounds for ever it WILL come off X
Hi Only me

You WILL be under the 200lbs by then hon,my goal is to be under 200lbs by October. Mmm 10lbs I wonder if thats achievable??
Here's to being under 200 lbs whoop whoop!
My next goal is to get below 12 stone. I was 12 stones 8 pounds at last weight-in and won't be seeing my counsellor for another 10 days. I am not expecting to have reached 12 stones or under by 19th Sept but will definitely hope to achieve within September.

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