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Where am I going wrong???

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? I joined SW on 28/8/09 and have been following (and sticking to!) the extra easy plan. My progress is as follows:-

Wk 1 Stayed the same
Wk 2 -5.5
Wk 3 +0.5
Wk 4 +3
Wk 5 -1.5

I have in excess of 4 stones to lose, so I would have hoped to see something better than this! I know it definitely works however as my friend joined a couple of months ago, so where am I going wrong??
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We'll need to see your food diaries to see if there is anything glaringly obvious really. Has your consultant seen your food diaries?

Do you weigh and measure all your hex's?
Do you know, not guess, all syn values?
Do you vary your food?
On EE, do you have a third superfree foods with your meals? It's not essential, but really does help.
You've lost 1.5 this week, could the gain of 3 have been star week?
Something must be creeping in somewhere, if you let us see what you are eating then we can help more.

PS - Welcome along!!


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I am where you are so don't feel you're alone! (although Ive been doing it 7 months now :eek:

I bought new scales yesterday & reaslied Ive been guesstimating all my choices, HUGE mistake, Ive been way out. Do you weigh your A & b choices? I really think this can make a difference.
My class manager had a read through my food diaries and said they seemed fine, and that I'm having a good mix of food.

Every meal tends to be a recipe from either the extra easy cookbook or the 50 free recipes, and for my A and B choices I'm tending to have 2 Weetabix with skimmed milk each day (I measure the milk too).


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My consultant says my food diaries are "perfect" but Im still going wrong somewhere. Im always told to have 1 or 2 A choices but BOTH B as they're your fibre intake. Do you have your syns?
Last week I had 40 in total, but even then its being made up of maybe the low fat actimel, alpen light bars or extra milk.

I'm too worried to have a bag of crisps using my sins as I know I'll never be able to stop at one bag!!

Mrs V

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There you go...Ive spotted something already...you said that you have 2 weetabix and skimmed milk each day...there are other things that you can eat Hun.
You need to vary what you eat rather than opting for the weetabix everyday. How about a fried breakfast on an EE day? - bacon, syn free (or low syn sausages), baked beans, tinned new potatoes, egg, mushrooms?
Omelette (sp?), fruit salad, toast with something, porridge...all of these can be used for EE or any other plan...variety!


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When I started SW in March I ate no syns thinkng surely I'll do better not taking in the extra food, after a few good weeks my losses stopped so my consultant said to try having full syns (15) a couple days a week & a few the rest of the days. As my weightloss/gain is so unpredictable (has been the last 6 months) she told me Monday to eat atleast 10 syns a day. It doesn't have to be things like chocolate & crisps. It could be gravy, a slice of bread with dinner, margarine. Its getting into the routine of eating synful foods! Its hard but if you're to have bewteen 5-15 a day it must be to help lose the weight. I love having Galaxy hot choc in the evenings, 6 syns.


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Mrs V is abs right!! You're body gets used to foods. Vary your breakfasts, if you don't want cooked food, have a different cereal every other day/each week.
just a thought, i was struggling to loose on extra easy and have been doing a few green days a week and last week i was slimmer of the week first time ever. its made a big difference for me
Good advice as usual from mrsv, she has an eye like a hawk lol. Try to have different meals in the evening too, like vegetable curry etc and not just meat and veg or pasta. Rumour has it that spices like chili help weight loss because they raise the body temperature and you have to use calories to cool the body down again so go for a good hot one.
maybe try green or red days, im on my third week of mix and match, lost over 7 lb's and hope to lose another 2 lb this week roll on monday to find out....

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