Where am I going wrong?

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    I have been following 5:2 for 3 weeks now (6 fast days so far). 1st week I found the fast days surprisingly easy and lost 1lb. 2nd week was also ok and I maintained. This past week I REALLY struggled with the fast days. I had a bad headache both days, felt very tired and quite sick. It was awful and I seriously considered giving up. Weighed myself this morning and I had gained 3lbs. I dont eat a huge amount of fruit or veg on non fast days but eat a low fat diet with fat free yogurts, lean or extra lean meat and pasta (basically slimming world but without the super free).
    Where have I gone wrong.? Over the 3 weeks I have actually gained 2lbs

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    Hi there! I have done the 5:2 in the past and it has worked for me, but in other periods where I over ate due to holidays or social gatherings I found that I would put on weight quite easily.... could just be our bodies... there is research that proves that fasting only gets you in fat burning mode at around 12 hours... so if you after 12 hours eat, this would stop...I would on fast days just eat at night after work my 500kcal of low GI foods, i.e. vegetables, berries, fat free Nat yogurt, lean meats, nuts.... and throughout the day eat nothing, just water, and herbal infusions, black coffee.... you want to keep your body on fat burning mode.... you will find on the other hand people who snack throughout the day and they report weight loss on the 5:2... this could mainly be due to simply lowering the calorie intake of the overall week (at the end of the day on fast days you are saving on average 2000 kcal a week... and calories do count .... saddened to admit it... but yes) or perhaps their bodies work differently... this fasting is all "new" to researchers so we will find out more as it becomes more usual...
    Don't give up... I always struggle with my weight (I know I'm not obese or unhealthy, and I don't care too much about categorisation I want to feel well with myself, comfy in my own skin and more importantly I want to feel great when I exercise... sorry a bit of a rambler).
    You will notice I mentioned a low GI dinner, this is mainly because you want to keep your blood sugar levels stable and prevent any spiking during your fast, if you ate foods that would have a considerable impact on your blood sugar your body would secrete insulin into your blood stream and your body would instantly go into storing fat mode rather than continuing with the burning fat.... regardless of being a low cal day.... after a spike it would take your body 4-6 hours to get again into fat burning mode. hope this helps and good luck!
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