Where are the decorators gone ?


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The decorators were due on Friday last. When they didn't show up by Saturday night (normally I could set my watch by them) DH insisted I do a test...........so I did negative.

ANYWAY - they are still missing. Am not up the duff. :eek:

So where are they gone ? This happen to anyone else.


This can happen when on a VLCD. I had a customer who stopped having TOTM, it returned when she reintroduced food.

Women eh - hate it when it happens, hate it when it doesn't!!!

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totally normal, mine are all over the place!!!!
Hmmm, just posted on my diary about the sudden reappearance of my decorators after only 19 days! Perhaps they came to the wrong house:D
I can go for months without an appearance, the longest has been 2 years. In the past 18 months I've only had 2 and my last one was after being on CD for about 2 months.

I don't worry about it as I'm not in 'the change' or anything, just very very irregular:confused:
oh how I long for the decorators to beggar off and leave me alone for a few months! lol Done with the baby days so am just wanting to experience no tummy ache, headache, crabby-ar*ed knife-wielding moments! lol I used to be very reg but now - who can say! Perhaps a few months down the line I'll be able to tell... lol hmmm, no decorators until reintoroduced food.... deffo incentive to stick to it! ;)