Where are the decorators gone ?

Shrinking Nicky

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This can happen when on a VLCD. I had a customer who stopped having TOTM, it returned when she reintroduced food.

Women eh - hate it when it happens, hate it when it doesn't!!!

CDC Swindon


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totally normal, mine are all over the place!!!!


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Hmmm, just posted on my diary about the sudden reappearance of my decorators after only 19 days! Perhaps they came to the wrong house:D

Mrs Depp

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I can go for months without an appearance, the longest has been 2 years. In the past 18 months I've only had 2 and my last one was after being on CD for about 2 months.

I don't worry about it as I'm not in 'the change' or anything, just very very irregular:confused:


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oh how I long for the decorators to beggar off and leave me alone for a few months! lol Done with the baby days so am just wanting to experience no tummy ache, headache, crabby-ar*ed knife-wielding moments! lol I used to be very reg but now - who can say! Perhaps a few months down the line I'll be able to tell... lol hmmm, no decorators until reintoroduced food.... deffo incentive to stick to it! ;)