Where can I buy some shorts?


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By Thursday?!?!

I've tried shop after shop online, but can't find any :(

The winter season is upon us (fashion wise at least), and holiday clothes are all gone!

I'm looking for something plain and not too short IYKWIM - and they have to 'swing' - not tight in other words!

Any ideas? Preferably online as I'm really busy so shopping isn't really on the agenda

Thanks everyone

Mandana x
PS .. if I don't find any it's not the end of the world. I've got one pair that fit (sold the rest as size 20++) and I'm sure I'll find some in Tenerife. If not, the apartment has a washing machine! :D
Aww thank you Kami .. that's so kind of you!

I've actually just found some online and I'm ordering now. They're too big as my size is out of stock, but it's a start. Better too big than too small! And I can always send them back I guess .. ?

Thanks again

Mandana x