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Where can I find low carb sausages and dressing?

They aren't marketed as 'low carb', but usually the 'finest' ranges of sausages will have a higher real meat content and less of the fillers than cheap ones. This (fillers) is what push the carb count up, so choose 95% meat ones and check the labels carefully.

sukie sue

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hi jaybar
morrisons do some goos sausages in thier 'best' range ,
and asda have some too in thier best range think they are called outdoor reared prk sausages , very low in carbs.
im sure tescos have them too .
the best low carb ceasar dressing is cardinis (the full fat not the light one) you can but this in both tesco and morrisons.
hope this helps


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Everyone on here recommends cardini ceaser dressing, which is low in carbs. I tried it last night and it's good. If you have a costco near you, you can get it in big bottles.
The Toulouse sausages from tesco are 100% meat, and they're tasty as well. :)
Thanks all :)

I've just come back from Tesco, I should of checked this thread before I left (always a mad rush in the morning with the school run). I'll have to nip back out later.
I did buy some of the Tesco lamb chops in a minty glaze. They only have 'trace' written on the label under carbs which I was quite surprised at. I've had them before and they're yummy.
I also bought some celeriac, I hope it doesn't taste as awful as it looks :p


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Cereriac is a very odd looking veggie. It didn't quite do it for me. I am sticking to turnip mash I think.
in sainsburys i got `helen brownings organic speedy sausages 12 quick cook post sausages, 2 x 100g packs each pack 1g carbs, they are not cheap at £2.99, and they are smallish but at 1g for 6 i think its a great deal,

i just read on the packaging ` for pigs who like to live on the wild side` pmsl


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sarah by turnip do you mean swede ? i knwo some call them turnips lol, and is that ok to have and how much please
I mean turnips. The small round green and white ones. I have a couple of small ones (about the size of satsuma). The net carbs for 1/2 a cup boiled is 2.2g and I would say it makes about 1/2 to 2/3 cup when cooked.

There's a fab carb counter here. Carb Counter & Weight Loss Calculator - Diet Plans & Tools From Atkins
I generally check all my veggies on this to make sure I am selecting good carb ones. But feel free to ask questions still! That's how I have learned.

I had never tried turnip before this and I really like it.
thanks sarah, i mustget some of them, although im likeing mashed cauli, i bought a huge bag of frozen cauli, otherwise its so dear,
thanks too for the pics jim, but we call the turnip you pictured a swede and i dont knwo what that is in the swede pic lol never seen one of them lol


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Do you have a local market that you can buy some veg from? I find it the best place to get veg and MUCH cheaper than the supermarket.
We can get both here in the Midlands, but half the Tesco staff don't know the difference either. :D


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That's a shame. Maybe it's worth a trip to a market out of the village once a week. I have noticed how much veg has gone up in the supermarket and that's what took me to the market.
I am a big fan of these..

2.6 carbs/ sausage
They are on offer at the mo.. 3xpack of 10 for £10.
I seperate them into 2s,put in sandwich bags and freeze.


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