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Where did I go so wrong??


Is feeling the love!
six years agi before I met my husband I deited and lost five stone and got down to 9stone 11 pound and was a fantastic size 8 to 10. In under a year I put all the weight back on. I spent the next six years convinced this was so obviuosly my natural body shape and why should I bother doing anything about it. Then I went to the doctors and found out my BMI and that my blood pressure was very high. So here I am again, stiving to loose the weight. Only this time I am going to keep it off and learn how to manage the weight loss properly.

I am doing the Slim fast and it seems to be going quite well. I'm sticking to 2 shakes and a main meal and drinking lots and lots of water. My snacks are skinny cow hot chocolates, I love them so I would rather drink them than have a snack.

I am not having another weigh in until the begining of March because I am obsessive about the scales. I really need to stay off them, so my husband has hidded them. :eek:

I want to be at least 10lb lighter by this time next month.
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good luck, I think its amazing the way people have those shakes.

you know im 9 st 11 at the moment and im not a size 8-10, its funny how im differnt to you even though I'm a bit taller, sorry to babble..


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Well, so far so good. Watching the footie last night was the hardest bit of the day. Usually the hubby and I would have a few beers then the munchies would start and I would raid the fridge. My lovely hubby didn't have any beer in support for me, which is a lovely thing.....bless him. :)

And your right, I am always amazed by how people differ so much. Keep going with staying under 10 stone. I think when I get to the day when I am under 10 stone i will run around the garden naked!!!:rolleyes:


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Good day today, well actually it was a fantastic day!!

Kept to my diet all day and I went swimming. I swam 600 meters in one go!! :whacky068: I could have done more but my husband and son were looking at me very sorrowfully from the baby pool so I got out and went in with them. :eek:

When we came home I cooked a lovely healthy salad and chicken for us and now I am having a Skinny Cow hot chocolate.

Happy day!!:D

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done with teh swim! :) And starting slimfast :) I did slimfast for a week before starting cambridge, I couldn't see my counsellor for a week and wanted to be good. :) it surprised me how much the taste has 'come on' as haven't done slimfast in about 6 years.

I lost 6lb in one week! was really surprised, so am sure you'll do well :) I snacked on fruit :) but skinny cow hot chocs sound nice! lol

Is there anyway you could make yourself a treat for footie nights? Sugar free jelly with fruit and a squirt of cream perhaps? dunno if you'll like that but something that isn't horrendous and if you miss your hot chocs you won't be over the calories ;)

Oh and have you tried Ice in the slimfast shakes?? makes a lovely McD's type milshake! ;)


Is feeling the love!
Thanks for that PH, :D. I will definately try the ice in the slimfast. Though I have to say I think the ready made ones are better than the ones you have to make yourself.

Well.....today I was ultra good. I had both my shakes and I snacked on grapes. Oh and I drank so much water I feel like a giant water bed!! :8855:
Oh and I did my five step fat attack dvd, then had a lovely soak in the bath to congratulate myself on a job well done!

I have also decided to have a weigh in on Monday. I can't wait 4 weeks after all. I need to use all my will power on dieting! :wave_cry:

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


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Oh No I'm Having a Moment.

I weigh myself tomorrow, I said I wasn't going to until March but I have to. It's too long without knowing how well or bad I'm doing.

So know I am having a total panic. I have not been losing the amount of weight that I was aiming for and now I'm thinking what if this week is just as bad?

I have been so good this week, no bad things no wine and lots and lots of water. I have exercised every day and feel like I am getting slimmer. But I think I know the scales are going to tell me I've done rubbish and lost nothing.

Why is this so hard?? it's more mentally difficult than anything else.

And...to top it all off my husband is eating cream eggs and hot cross buns!! Oh the agony. :cry:

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
((hugs)) all I can say is that we all batttle with the scales.. they are awful aren't they!!
BUT.. the key is to not let it affect your diet.. stay strong and you'll lose weight for sure! Just stick to it 100% no mucking around.. remember if you cheat you cheat yourself!

Hubby is being naughty but in honesty YOU have to want to abstain from the bad foods that you know will make you gain weight or ruin your diet.

I have had to face so many - including a homemade birthday cake that was for ME! :8855: my girls understood in the end how serious I was when I didn't cave in! :) I was proud and rewarded with a good loss. That was a much better birthday present. :)

So.. you CAN do this but have to want it bad enough. :)

I'm sure you do and I'm sure you'll be registering great losses along the way. :)


Is feeling the love!
Yippeeee I can not believe how much I have lost.


Well, I don't know what I was in a panic about last night.

I got on the scales this morning and I have lost 10lbs. Yes 10 lb.

I didn't loose a single pound all through January and I had hit a plateu, so this is fantastic. I've managed to kick start it again.

This week I am even more motivated. I would love to get into the 12 stones in the next week. In fact that is going to be my goal this week. To be in the 12 stones by next Monday.

PH, thank you so much for the kind words. You are right, it's not my hubby's fault that I am on a diet and he didn't make me go on one. Also he doesn't need to diet so this is my own doing and my own will power is whats needed.

I feel as though I can do anything now and my goal weight is closer than ever.


Is feeling the love!
I think I am winning the battler with the scales

Three things have happened to me and my diet today.

the first thing is my husand forgot to hide the scales from me last night. I saw them in the bathroom and as I had my weigh in yesterday I fought the urge to get on them again today. Those damn things do my head in.

The second thing is that I am having a real energy drop in the afternoon. I have been eating my SF meal bar for lunch whether I have been hungry or not. So toady I didn't eat my luch time bar untill I was actually hungry and wanted it. I just popped it in my handbag and ate it while I was shopping in Asda. This has stopped my afternoon energy dip and has helped me not buying crap.

The third thing that happened to me today was I put the rubbish bags out for collection. We live on a main road and I put the bin bags out (this is usually my hubbys job!!:mad:) and a van of work men went past and beeped the horn at me, and one shouted "alright gorgeous" at me out of the window. Don't get me wrong I am a happliy married woman but it made me feel fantastic!! :8855:
Well done on your weight loss Lind, I am loving reading your diary..

Your near my old home town, I was born in Canterbury and lived in Littlebourne for years - I love that part of the country :)

Keep it up, more wolf whistles to come, me things ;)


Carpe diem, baby!
Oooh the Skinny Cow range is fabtastic!!!

Way to go on the fabby loss too!


Is feeling the love!
Hi Sarah, thanks for that. I love Canterbury, but the credit card doesn't! :8855:

I used to live not to far from where you are now. I used to live in Northampton.

I am also jealous of you going on holiday to cyprus! Been trying to get my hubby to go there for years. he's not convinced he can get real ale and pie and chips there!! :8855:
lol i am sure there is an English pub or too, I work for an agent that sells properties in Cyprus so can't wait to actually see all the places I type and talk about all day lol


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Sleep Deprevation, 2 Year Olds and and Aching Leg

I have to say the last couple of days have past in a blur.

My son has decided to wake up at the same time every night and now six days later I am most definately suffering.

He wakes up at 11.45pm, not too bad I hear you all say. But the problem is, by that time I have only just got off to sleep and then I'm woken up again. It seems to take me so long to get back to sleep again. Last night I was still awake at 3am.

The annoying thing is my son doesn't want anything when he wakes up. He just wants me to go into to him and tell him to ge back to sleep, which he does.

I have tried leaving him for five minutes and then going in to him, all that happens with that is, he gets out of bed and stands in his doorway shouting "Mummy come now". I have tried telling him to go back to sleep without leaving my bed and I get the same response.

Then to top it all off my right leg was aching all night!!! I had done an hour of my dvd and had a lovely relaxing bath then an even lovelier Skinny Cow hot chocolate. So you can forgive me for thinking the land of nod was just round the corner. But oh no, not for me it wasn't.

I feel I should point out that I am a shallow drama queen and if I get a cold it's double pnumonia. If I have a bad back, I have actually slipped a disc, and so on.

So with my lack of sleep, a 2 year old shouting at me and an aching leg, last night I decided I had a blood clot!!!

It doesn't stop there, oh no. I tried to wake my caring and sensitive husband up for some sympathy and a cuddle. I bet you can guess what I got in return!! Yes, I got the F word!!!

In the end I finished up with one of those tubigrip things on my leg, which was raised on several pillows. Another hot chocolate and playing Sudoko on my DS until I passed out through sheer exhustion.

Today I am too tired to exercise and I am going to take my husbands credit card to the shops and he is going to get me a nice treat for using the F word at me!! He's at work though so I'll have to tell him what he bought me when he gets home.......thank you chip and pin! ;)


Is feeling the love!
New weigh in day

My weigh in day has changed form Mondays to Fridays, so today I weighed in for the last 5 days, and I have lost 3 lb this week.

I am over the moon with this. After loosing 10lb last week, (the first weight loss in over a month) I didn't think I would loose too much this week.

The weigh in day changed because I need to stay focused over the weekends. it is the worst time for me. I tried to cut out having a bottle of wine for a couple of weeks but that didn't make any difference to my weight, it just made me feel crappy.

So I though if I weighed in on Friday then I wouldn't be tempted to go off the rails because I would be able to see how well I have done.

Thanks to Jim I now know how many calories are in wine and I have worked out what exercise I need to do on Sunday to work all those empty calories off.

On a lighter note I am now in the 12 stones and I had nearly a whole nights sleep!!


Is feeling the love!
Bad backs, no exercise and Jigsaws

This week has been a real nightmare for me. For the first time since I started my diet journey I have not been able to exercise and it has left me feeling awful.

My lovely hubby bought me a jigsaw at the weekend. he thought it would be good to have something to think about in the evenings as this is when I suffer with my diet the most. I was so touched, bless him, he NEVER thinks of things like that. I was so pleased because it showed me that he too is taking my life change seriously.

So Sunday evening I had a lovely bath and started my jigsaw. Three hours later I went to get up and couldn't my back was killing. I just thought it was because I had been in the same position for a couple of hours, thought no more of it and went to bed.

Monday morning my back felt ok so I did my exercise DVD and felt no pain in my back so Monday evening I did some more of my jigsaw. My back didn't feel too bad but by the morning it was so stiff I could hardly move. I managed to get my son to playgroup and get to the doctors where he told me I have pulled it and not to do any exercise for at least 48 hours but to keep moving. He did say I could go swimming after 48 hours so that's what I am going to do this afternoon.

I have also found that I pick at food while I'm cooking the evening meal. I didn't even realise I was doing it until last night. I buttered myself a slice of bread and my husband who was talking to me asked me if I needed it. i was so shocked at myself, and I think I have been doing it the whole time I have been on my diet, and I think I have been having at least two slices of bread and butter every time I prepare the evening meal.

So my husband and I have come up with a plan, for the moment his shifts mean he's at home for tea so he's going to come into the kitchen with me to make sure I don't do it. I can not believe I have been doing this and not even realising. I am going to see my GP next week and I wonder what he will have to say about it.


Carpe diem, baby!
Sorry to hear about your back hassle...take it easy and also don't be so hard on yourself...when it is all better you can soon be back to exercise...if you enjoy it and it is a big part of your life I can see why you miss it...I do when I have breaks from the gym during school hols and half term...I just itch to get there...back now an happy...

About the picking and it being almost subconscious...I think a lot of us have been there and it is not abnormal, I can think back to binges I have had and have not been fully aware of what I was doing, it was frenzied cramming that must be scary to watch if anyone was a fly on the wall! But yeah, I remember doing a food replacement thing a few years ago (lighterlife and lipotrim) and preparing food and then tasting it as I went...it's natural to want to smell and taste...good idea about your hubby being there, but also try and be in the moment, if you see what I mean...take notice of what you do with food, not to be fastidious, just to note your reaction, feelings and see if you are totally oblivious to the fact you are putting things in your mouth...and are you doing it out of boredom, hunger, etc...

Way to go on the losses, you're doing really well...remember to praise yourself up for the good things, it balances out the negatives you feel...well it works for me...chin up and keep going...
well done on your losses so far, you could try and replace the bread with fruit or something healthy, if you take note of the calories that can help too, hope your back will get better soon.


Carpe diem, baby!
well done on your losses so far, you could try and replace the bread with fruit or something healthy, if you take note of the calories that can help too, hope your back will get better soon.

Why is fruit more healthy than bread? Both bread and fruit are carbs...fruit may or may not have more fibre...

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