where do i post lol


I will get into that wedding dress!
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post anywhere trace thats what i normally do!!! there are some groups for newbies etc and ive found them a great support!!!!!!!!
WELCOME!! and well done on the 9st thats amazing!!!!


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congratulations Trace thats fantastic.

I'm also new and only joined yesterday, tried adding a picture and stuff but it wont let me lol

I am not new to forums and can usually do everything first time, do you know if you need to have posted a few times to get to update your flashy things.

How much are you looking to lose altogether

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Hi Trace! OMG will done on your fantastic 9st weight loss!

You can post anywhere, check out the threads and if something interests you reply!


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Hi and welcome, I think you have to do about 50 posts to do certain things on here.

Well done 9st is fantastic.xx


This time
thanks for the welcome

doris i havnt a clue -sorry im sure one of the experienced ladies might be able to tell you

no problem sorry to ask on your thread

im hoping to loose another 3 stone

good luck with that i'm sure you will have done it in no time :D


This time
I have done it before but the times I have tried to start something always goes wrong last time I tried (may) my mum got uterine cancer and I had to go to spain to live for a while and help dad, mum also has been dealing with breast cancer.

Been back 6 weeks and here we go again fingers crossed for a plain sailing this time, mind not very good at the water thing yet :D


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9 stone is amazing well done, really inspiring! That 3 stone will take no time at all xx


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You can put up a weight tracker now if you like, here is a link that will show you step by step how to do it.


You need 20 posts to put up an avatar.


Here is a guide to helping you make your way around. Just click on the link below.


If you need any help please ask.

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya Trace:) Special welcome to a lovely lady;)


now got pictures in album
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Hello Tracey, is it thee Tracey, my wonderful lovely mate Tracey? :p if it is, welcome, if it isnt, welcome anyways lol, and congrats on your massive weightloss so far!! you've done amazingly well!!! good luck with your next 3 stone xxx